Elvis the Elf Week 3

Oopsie it seems that with all the fun of Christmas
I completely forgot to post our
last 9 days with Elvis the Elf (and his sidekick Teddy) for 2016,

So here we go……

Day 15

How else would you get down the stairs as an Elf and a Teddy-ride a banana of course!

img_7797Day 16

Elvis was taken hostage by Teddy who I think found it hilarious quite like LB.


Day 17

Cheeky Elvis and Teddy getting a little too involved with our Christmas treats.


Day 18

Teddy had fun designing a little wrapping Paper suit for Elvis-how dapper!


Day 19

The first day of the Christmas Holidays. Elvis came prepared with a Christmas Activity Book for LB, something to keep him entertained.


Day 20

Elvis gave LB a big surprise hiding in the cutlery drawer.

Day 21

Elvis brought back a little treat from santa for both boys today!
A letter letting them know how special they are and all the exciting things he is up to in preparation for the big night.


Day 22

Oops Elvis and Teddy didn’t move today (don’t go there on who’s to blame!).
Apparently they weren’t impressed with LBs decision to not sleep till gone 9pm
for the last 3 nights!


Day 23

Elvis and Teddy were found planking at the top of a marble run tower, the biggest one LB had ever seen apparently.

And Day 24

Ummmmm it seems after 23 days Elvis and Daddy may have been in cohorts in being extra cheeky. Playdoh ‘Wangers’ as my boys call them I mean really!


Then Christmas Eve Night we left Elvis with Santas treats
so that he was ready to fly home.


We were Sad to say goodbye to Elvis for 2016
but look forward to welcoming him back to the Tanswell house next year
for some more fun.

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