Me and Mine Project (December)

So December is over and with it 2016.

A month of fun and festivities as well as manic spending and organising
to make sure Christmas was just perfect.

We had a lovely time in the build up to Christmas with visits to Santa,
watching LB play Joseph in his Nativity, Panto,
and time spent with family and friends.

Our Christmas ran over three days Friday-Sunday celebrating with different sides of the family before crashing at home on Boxing Day.
We were lucky to have B home for more time than we originally thought.
He has been so busy that we thought he’d only get a couple of days off but he ended up with 4 and New Year too too yippee!
Its been lovely having him home.

December is always so magical but it’s also exhausting.
Part of me is always ready to see the back of it and get ready for new beginnings as a New Year starts and the other part of me wants to hang on for dear life to the family time, celebrations, food and drink and of course the fairy lights.

Our tree doesn’t come down until the 6th generally but I have seen how many people have been eager to get everything back to normal for New Year so that they start afresh.  This has been the first year that I’ve thought that may be a good idea as LB has so much stuff (and his birthday is only the end of January).

So our photo for December was a drama to get as always.  Last minute? Us? never!
Trying to get the hubby to sit down for a photo is hard and P doesn’t always want to play ball. We sat on ur sofa with the sun setting on 2016 out the window behind us (though as you can see not visible at all!) and I asked B to take the photo as i had my arms full.  He snapped about 15 photos well this was the only one that wasn’t blurry, where we were all looking in the right direction or in fact that we were all fully in! 

Mummy is loving

Prosecco Prosecco and more Prosecco

Series One of Quantico-i’m addicted!

Seeing all our Family and Friends over Christmas

Some Wonderful Presents from Santa-such a lucky girl

Seeing the joy of Christmas through the eyes of our boys

Daddy is loving

Planning NYE Cocktails

LB’s Scalextric-I wonder who he really bought it for

Checking out the recipe books for festive canapés, New Years Meals
and everything in between


That Elvis the Elf has finally gone home-lol!

Little B is loving

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Puzzles and games with anyone who will play with him

Playing Joseph in his preschool nativity

Mince Pies and Chocolate treats

All his new toys-one seriously lucky boy

P is Loving

Melting everyones hearts with his smiles

Laughing at his crazy big brother

Deciding that his 3.30am bottle is the perfect time to start the day

Seeing his little birthday buddy again
(an instagram friend who was born 7 minutes after him)

Bath time with big bro-perfect for kicking about and splashing


(And here are a couple of outtakes-LOL!!)


6 thoughts on “Me and Mine Project (December)

  1. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    I was the same as soon as we got home from America and had one more xmas dinner with my mother in law side of the family on the 1st… everything came down and the house has been scrubbed down. That is so early for me but this year I needed to just get a fresh start and the house organized for once. hahaha I love Christmas but sometimes going away each year can make arranging and leading up to and return chaos. lol Hope you had a lovely new year… #meandmineproject


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It seems that this year so many people were ready for that fresh start! I usually drag it out till today but i needed that clarity-though the house still feels like a pigsty. When preschool starts back next week I’m hoping to get my head back around everything I want to do in the house and at work and then i feel 2017 can start. Sounds like you had a wonderful time away with some of your siblings but I can imagine all the planning and travelling can be exhausting. Have a wonderful weekend x


  2. Little Ladies Big World says:

    I love christmas and all the festivities but I do also love that January has calm and a fresh start. Our decorations come down after boxing day because my eldests birthday is the 30th but secretly I like the excuse for a fresh start! x


  3. Stacey- A Mums Blind Love says:

    Im one of those that like to get the christmas decorations down pretty promptly, its all about starting a fresh for the new year.


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