Comedy, Gifts & Christmas Limbo #LittleLoves #52

The last Little Loves of 2016.

It really is one of the best times of the week sitting down and thinking about all the good! Some weeks can be tough and this is such a wonderful idea courtesy of Morgana to bring gratitude and joy, even when things feel tough!

This weeks Little Loves are Comedy, Gifts and Christmas Limbo


Luckily I finished Hurrah for Gin before giving to my sister for her present-haha! Hopefully she enjoys it as much as me.

I got given the Fantastic Beast screenplay from my hubby which I’m looking forward to delving into but first I returned to Present Over Perfect and am once again hooked this is definitely going to be one to reread, very probably with a highlighter.

One of my news years resolutions is to make more time to read, as I have certainly not done enough this year and I really enjoy it.


Shrieks of joy and excitement from all of us, though especially LB when he realised Father Christmas had in fact been …….. eaten his mince pie, drunk his milk and of course left him a few little treats.


This week of Limbo has been spent mostly on the sofa with a blanket, hot chocolate and my boys. This means films like The Muppets, Planes and Zootropolis have been favourites.

I also bought B the Romesh Ranganathan comedy DVD for Christmas and we had a good giggle through that-we’d only seen the advert nothing more, but we have a collection of comedy DVD and it’s a tradition that I buy one for him to open on Christmas Eve, I think this was a great choice.


Some New Years Resolutions! I’ve been adding to my new bullet journal this week and having a good think about what I want out of 2017. Partly this exhausts and worries me and partly excites and motivates me. I always find this time of year a little bit hard. Part of me wants to hibernate and not let Christmas go and the other part wants to get moving and planning the next chapter! In fact what happens is I sit around procrastinating and feeling a bit bleurgh!


We’ve been dressed up and dressed down this week! Some days have been about the sparkles and the high heels, others about the pjs and blankets and we’ve even wrapped up warm for a walk to blow away those post Christmas blues (I’m not sure it worked).

And Lastly

As always this time of year is magical. The lead up and excitement that kids and yes there are a few of us adults enjoy, the day itself and the lazy aftermath. I’ve hit Christmas blues stage, where it’s hard to motivate yourself off the sofa, away from the mince pies and outside but when you do you feel so much better!

LB has turned into crazed, overtired, oversugared threenager who I’m struggling to level with and P has a horrible cough and cold which is making him extra whinge and not sleepy! This has left mummy feeling a little cranky unfortunately and wishing the holidays away a little! I hate this feeling and I am desperately clawing back at the positivity……the cuddles, the films, the friends, the joy of new gifts, the family time, the naughty food, the twinkly lights, the alcohol and a little bit of peace and quiet every now and again.

Thanks Morgana for a wonderful year of Little Loves over at CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat and I look forward to 2017 x

14 thoughts on “Comedy, Gifts & Christmas Limbo #LittleLoves #52

  1. Morgana says:

    What a lovely Christmas! We’ve dragged ourselves out for a few walks over the holidays too, and while it feels like an effort to get out of the house we’ve all enjoyed it in the end.
    So pleased that you’ve been finding Present Over Perfect helpful, I think I could do with re-reading it to be honest! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s certainly better when you’re out there, the dragging out is definitely the issue! Yes it’s a great book, I certainly feel like there’s some patches that jump out and I think I’ll reread and highlight at some point! I really must find some more time to read as it takes me so long to get through any book even if I’m really enjoying it x


  2. theladybirdsadventures says:

    Sounds like a lovely Christmas. We have an overtired threenager here too and a 6 month full of cold so I feel your pain. We got some disney films too. We’ve been away until this afternoon so I think we all need some relaxing days at home this weekend with a few disney films thrown in.


  3. VieChoufleur says:

    Sounds like a brilliant way to spend limbo week! Love Romesh – I really ought to get that DVD too. He’s hilarious. And yep, I’m with you on finding it so hard to get out of the house…but then realising how amazing it is once you do…but then once again forgetting that feeling, haha! Really need to get out more before the end of the year. Happy New Year, hope you have a good one x #LittleLoves


  4. lifeasourlittlefamily says:

    Aww I am so glad you managed to get out for a little walk. It was such a beautiful day yesterday. Your Christmas sounds like a lovely blend of celebrations and downtime. I hope you have a great new year and see you then for more little loves x


  5. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Great round up this week. I think we can all relate to the over tired children. My two need a good night of uninterrupted sleep! Pyjamas days are a must over Christmas! Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy new year xx


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