Quantico, Banana Loaf and Christmas #LittleLoves #51

Christmas is in 2 sleeps-Eek!!!

Anyone else excited! I think we are finally all sorted with the pressies and wrapping and are ready now for some family time. Today, tomorrow and Christmas Day consists of family, food and drink and I can’t wait!

This weeks Little Loves are Quantico, Banana Loaf and Christmas.


I’ve been cramming in Hurrah for Gin this week and relating to almost every word. Katie puts everything perfectly and seriously makes me chuckle! 


Christmas songs of course. I’ve been putting the music channels on the tv while wrapping presents and enjoying a little sing along.

Unfortunately I’ve also been hearing horrible coughs from both my boys and I have everything crossed that they don’t get too ill, especially with there being only 2 sleeps to go now!


I am completely addicted to Series 1 of Quantico. Every night Alibi are playing an episode, I believe in preparation for Series 2 coming out in the new year! It’s about an FBI agent who’s framed for a bombing-it cuts between the present day and her training and is simply fantastic.


We’ve been busy making things this week keeping LB entertained as there’s been no preschool. It’s been lovely having him home and he’s been on his best behaviour.

Oranges and cloves-a gorgeous Christmas smell for our kitchen table.

Levi Roots banana loaf -mmmm! We’ve made a few batches of these as they seem to disappear quite quickly in our house.


Christmassy hats and outfits obviously!

And Lastly

Yesterday we went over to some friends for the day and we all wrote letters to santa and sent them up the chimney. LB thought this was so magical and to be honest all the teenagers and adults enjoyed it too!

I’m linking up with CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat for this weeks #LittleLoves

6 thoughts on “Quantico, Banana Loaf and Christmas #LittleLoves #51

  1. VieChoufleur says:

    Ooooh BANANA LOAF! Pretty much my favourite bread/cake ever. Yum yum 🙂 Those Christmassy outfits are beyond adorable – dressing babies at Christmas is literally one of the best things about the holidays. And I hadn’t even thought to do the Santa letter thing on the fire…whoops. Next year! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas x #LittleLoves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s about the only thing I can bake thank goodness it’s yummy! I wish I had more Xmas outfits for them but realistically there’s no point in spending a fortune for one year! Neither had I it was such a magical thing to do LB loved it. Thank you and I wish you and yours the best of Christmases too x


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