The Nativity, Hurrah for Gin and Panto #LittleLoves #50

Hello everyone!

How are you all? Are you ready for Christmas? 9 more sleeps-seriously where is the time going! Another week gone in a blur of wine,chocolate, wrapping paper and online shopping!

This weeks Little Loves are the Nativity, Hurrah for Gin and Panto


Still finding Present Over Perfect very insightful, though I haven’t had quite as much time to read it this week as I’ve been trying to get through Hurrah for Gin before handing it over as a Christmas present-Ha-Loving it! 


As well as my Dance Studio and Motivational Podcasts I’ve been listening to on my walks to/from preschool I’ve also been listening to Sister Act the Musical  this week. I do love a good musical-if only I could be singing along as I walk!


LB in his first Nativity playing the role of Joseph!

He has been a little funny the last few weeks about doing it, which hugely surprised myself and his teachers as he is usually so confident (though yes he does have a shy side-a small one). When he’s at the theatre with me for shows or at Workshops/classes he’s always involved and therefore I assumed he’d just take it in his stride, which actually on the day he did-only slightly bribed by a chocolate Thomas the Tank lolly.

My mum and mother in law came along with me and as soon as he walked into the room my eyes welled up! It’s crazy the emotion you feel when you are so proud of your child no matter whether he says all his lines, picks his nose, wipes his nose along his hand and then doesn’t know what to do with it, slides off his chair numerous times on purpose, yawns and needs a wee half way through…..oh yes all of this happened!

Also I did finish the last two Gilmore Girls and I must say I think I agreed a lot with Morgana!


Man I wish I had something interesting to write here! Maybe we’ll do some Christmas baking next week……or maybe we won’t!


P wore a little onesie from my cousin who is currently in Australia. Yes short sleeves and legs so not really ideal for the English Winter but with a long sleeved vest on and being at home we made it work. It has little palm trees and surfboards on and is just so cute.

And Lastly

Last weekend was Panto! I love spending a weekend at the theatre with my students and friends and it was very weird this time to have not been involved in any of the choreography as they’ve only been rehearsing this Term. So I went along to sort hair and make up and then took The kids to watch it on the Sunday. Everyone had done such a fab job and LB joined in with all the ‘he’s behind you’s’ and ‘no you didn’t yes I dids’. I spent half the time watching his reaction! He especially loved the cow which he didn’t realise one of his favourite people was the back end of-he was laughing his head off!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week and with only one more week till Christmas are a little bit more prepared than me!

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12 thoughts on “The Nativity, Hurrah for Gin and Panto #LittleLoves #50

  1. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Wow you have been so so busy celebrating the xmas season to it’s fullest. I love it. Panto is always fun for the whole family. I read Katie’s book in like 2 days hahah so funny so passionate so much love in it. She is amazing. Well done to your little man being Joseph!!! Clap, Clap. Just popping over and catching up on everyone’s #littleloves. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Happy Holidays.


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Desperately trying to get into he spirit when it’s been a manic few months! It’s a great book-hard to put down which is perfect! Thank you he was fabulous and I certainly had a year in my eye. Been working today and looking forward to a chilled day at home tomorrow. Have a good one and enjoy the holidays x


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    LB looks adorable as Joseph! I like your style, reading the book before giving it away as a present! Hahaha!! Have a wonderful weekend #littlelove


  3. Stacie (@ParkerandMe) says:

    I’ve got Hurrah for Gin on my to-be-read list, maybe I will get it for Christmas – who knows? Well Done to your little dude for his nativity performance, must be so lovely as a performing arts teacher. Glad you got the chance to go to panto, sounds like lots of fun! Enjoy your weekend xx


  4. VieChoufleur says:

    Oh GOSH look at him as Joseph! That is so so cute. I’m going to be an absolute mess when I see my son in his first nativity so I totally get you. Love the fact you’re reading HFG before giving it as a gift, haha! I highly approve. Have a great weekend! #LittleLoves


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