Elvis the Elf Week 2 2016

So how’s everyones December going so far?
You ready for Christmas yet?
I’ve only just started my shopping and have so much still to do with only 10 days to go!

So Have you been wondering what Elvis has been up to this week?


As Elvis flew in from Santa this morning he ended on the top of the Christmas Tree.
Perfect view for keeping a close eye on LB to see whether he’s going
on the naughty or nice list.


Elmo giving Elvis a check up.
It seems he may have had a full body accident while landing.
LB loved the fact that he was using the bandage that LB had worn in hospital last month.

DAY 10

Elvis made a replica Elf from Megabloks.
LB was very impressed with ‘the robot’

DAY 11

Elvis decided to raid Daddy’s stuff in the bathroom cabinet and give himself a quick shave.
LB though this was hysterical.

DAY 12

What a mess Elvis made!
Well riding a ketchup bottle will do that.

DAY 13

All ready for breakfast with LB before preschool.
Weetabix, banana and of course the added breakfast treat of advent chocolate.

DAY 14

Elvis and Teddy were practising their Circus Act on the Living Room light-well either that or just hanging about! 

What will the next 10 days bring?

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