#OrdinaryMoments #49 Walking to Preschool

On our 20 minute walk to and from preschool every day
we have been experiencing a  variety of weathers.
Clear blue sky, frost, drizzle, fog, -3 degrees….

We have wrapped up warm and made sure we got in our daily exercise and fresh air
and it really kick starts my day.
When LB is with me we chat about what we see along the way….
recognising the numbers on signs and houses,
the different colour cars, vans and buses,
we have even done a little treasure hunt including berries, flowers, aeroplanes etc.
Then when i am walking just me and P I put my headphones in and listen to music or podcasts.  I noticed recently i was not finding the time to enjoy these as much as i used to and this is the perfect opportunity.

When i was pregnant I only put on a stone and with gestational diabetes i was pretty much on a diet.  After I had P i got on the scales and realised i had lost a stone and a half and was  the smallest I’d been since before I had LB 3.5 years ago.  Now however I have been enjoying too much wine, snacks and chocolate and am sure the weight is going to start creeping on.  Walking every day is hopefully keeping that at bay a little bit, ready for me to enjoy Christmas and then get on with the weight loss in 2017.
I am 3 stone heavier than i was at my wedding and I would love to get back to that.


I’m linking up a little late with Katie for this weeks #Ordinary MomentsOrdinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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