Elvis the Elf Week 1 2016

So Elvis the Elf is back for another year.
On 1st December 2016 this cheeky little fella turned up again for 24 days of fun and frolics.


Right outside LB’s bedroom Elvis was hanging around with a little note
so he couldn’t possibly be missed!
Unfortunately this is exactly what happened when LB woke up very early, ran into our bedroom (past the elf) and threw up-not really the start to December we were hoping for.


A little game on the PS3 with Teddy to start off the day.
Since this Day LB has also been looking to see where Teddy is
and whether he is in on the action.

Day 3

Using LB’s rocket he made at preschool Elvis zoomed across our living room.
It took LB a little while to find this one.


A little ride on Thomas’ Treasure Track.
Choo Choo Thomas!

DAY 5 

Cheeky little elf drawing minions on our bananas.
LB loves minions and was sad that Elvis had left one lone banana in the fruit bowl.
He was very happy that he drew on that one while he was out at preschool.


Elvis was reading a little story to all of his friends.
LB was a little cheeky and knocked down all the listening toys (being careful not to touch Elvis of course). It did mean hours of imaginary play in the afternoon with all these characters though.

DAY 7 

Elvis made a right mess of our living room with toilet roll everywhere.
LB was not impressed and ripped it all down immediately stating how naughty Elvis was.

I wonder what he’ll get up to on Week 2…….

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