A New Book, Elvis the Elf and our Tree #LittleLoves #49

It’s been such a manic week that I am very late with this weeks Little Loves…With the end of last week taken up by starting Xmas shopping and planning and a weekend full of Panto I almost missed this post!

This weeks Little Loves are A New Book, Elvis the Elf and our Tree.


I don’t know what to say-this book is pretty much written for me! After seeing Morgana rate it a little while back, I decided to have a read and I can’t put it down! I think I’ll have to reread and highlight, as there are some parts that literally jump right out at me, it’s crazy.


Christmas Songs that LB is practising on the sly! He’s obviously been told that it’s all a surprise for the parents and he’s taking it very seriously. He won’t tell me who’s playing Mary against his Joseph, what songs they have to sing (though I think I’ve guessed from the constant practising) or what he has to wear as it’s ‘all a surprise!’


LBs face light up each morning as he runs round the house searching for our elf Elvis. He’s definitely a cheeky monkey!

 I’ll be doing some more posts about Elvis’ antics soon-First one here.


I made our house all festive and cosy last weekend.  There are still a few bits and pieces to be done, including all the fairy lights and decorating other rooms but the living room is sorted! It’s wonderful to sit in there of an evening with it all lit up.


I had to work last saturday so my in laws took LB out for the day to see Santa and his reindeer at the garden centre. He got all dressed up in his flashing reindeer Christmas jumper which luckily (and amazingly) still just about fits from last year, especially for the occasion.

When putting up the Christmas tree and finding out all the baubles what better way to have a giggle than to utilise them as Pat Butcher earrings!

And Lastly

 I finally started some Christmas shopping this week! However there may have been quite a lot that slipped in the basket for me-oopsie!! Gotta crack on and get the rest done now-how is there only 2 weeks to go?

I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat for this weeks #LittleLoves


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