Ordinary Moments #47 Festive Prep 

So finally today we put up the tree-now it seems crazy saying finally, considering its only the 4th December but for some reason this year I feel very behind!
My social media feeds have been filled with festive sights of Christmas Trees,
Santa visits, baking and christmas markets for weeks.

Once again we put up our fake tree that we have had since LB’s first Christmas in 2013. We felt at 11 months old he was bound to destroy a real tree and probably eat half the pine needles, so went fake for the first time.  I’ll admit I’m not a fan (well until its all decorated and lit up and ok its not so bad) the thing is I really love the smell of real trees.  This year though we have a slightly dodgy bottom as one of the layers has lost the connection to the base and is a little floppy.  This got me a little stressed out as I wanted it to be perfect but sat here now with a glass of wine and the lights glowing it really isn’t as noticeable as i thought.

Each year my best friend buys LB a Santa Decoration and writes the date on them.
I love getting them out each year and wait excitedly for what will be next….

This year we have gone for a purple and silver theme.
Over the years we have collected such a huge array of coloured baubles and each year we choose which colours to go with.
I must admit purple and silver is my favourite.
We do have a few added baubles with just have to come out each year and my two Disney baubles from Disneyland Paris a few years back are definite.

I have kept so much tat over the years so as LB put the baubles on the tree I had a clear out and chucked out the ones that had broken, lost their glitter or I was just never going to use.  For me this is a big deal as I am a serial hoarder.

Poor LB had a little bit of a hard time as I struggled to allow him full reign of the tree-bad mummy! I just have a way I like it done, so yes I did do a bit of rearranging.
We did have a bit of a giggle wearing baubles as earrings and watching Christmas Films as we went.  Yes films in plural as it took pretty much the whole afternoon to get this up.  We haven’t got round to the fairy lights round the house, the tinsel on the stairs or the bits in other rooms yet, thats for tomorrow.

It was so lovely to watch LB getting into the spirit of it all.
However It was really sad to have to tell him that Father Christmas
was not coming tonight.
He was adamant it was Christmas Day and that we needed to clear the bits from the fireplace as Father Christmas would fall on them and asked if we could leave out the mince pie and carrots.
So how do I keep this going for another 3 weeks?

P slept for most of the decorating but has loved sitting in his bouncy chair looking at the colours of the lights changing.
He’s not going to understand anything of this Christmas.
It’s different to LB who was 11 months for his first Christmas so was under the tree, opening the presents and enjoying the wrapping paper and boxes.
People have been asking what P wants/needs for Christmas and theres nothing-
he’s just going to enjoy the cuddles.

So the first night of sitting under the glow of fairy lights, with a glass of red and strictly has commenced and with 3 weeks until Christmas Day I am going to fully enjoy this festive feel as I always hate it when its all over.

I’m linking up with Katie over at MummyDaddyMe for this weeks Ordinary Moments.
Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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