The Siblings Project (November 2016)

November has seen the sibling bond grow even stronger between these two.
P is only 6 weeks old but the way LB has taken to him being part of our family
is just wonderful to watch.

I can’t help but snap photos of them together (not all great quality as you can see, but) It’s beautiful to see the way my caring boy has taken to being a big brother.
I can’t wait to get some printed and up on the wall.

Everyday LB asks to hold P.
He sits on the sofa and gets his arm ready to support P’s head.
It doesn’t necessary last long but he always wants to hold ‘his baby’.

LB sings P songs especially Rock a Bye baby, holds his hand
and wants to hold the bottle when its time to feed him. Grabs nappies and wipes and is regularly telling me that P has done a poo (even when he hasn’t) as he wants to help change him. He also takes control of the ‘Pushcham’ when we are out-we still have a bit of control issues here and poor P has ended up in a few bushes.


He comes home from Preschool and says that he had a lovely day but missed me and P and gives us both huge cuddles.
We have to remind him to be a little more gentle sometimes, as i’m pretty sure he’ll squish him with the amount of love he has, but its so cute.

I have noticed a little bit of Jealousy there too.
He knows when P cries I have to go to him quite quickly
(though it’s a lot slower than i used to get to LB)
and he has realised that that means i have to stop what I’m doing with him.
We have had some big tantrums, some clinginess and some rudeness which are all quite unlike him but we have just tried to make sure that he never feels left out or pushed away.  Both myself and B try and spend some 1:1 time with him but he is struggling to play on his own and wants someone to play with him constantly, so this can be quite hard work.  Thank Goodness for the mornings he is at preschool as I know he loves it and I get a bit of time to get some bits and pieces done and have cuddles with P, without the extra mummy guilt.

It’s so lovely to see how he looks at his little brother.
He’s already watching over him so proudly and I hope that he continues to do so as they grow up.

P has started to smile and coo and I am sure is starting to recognise us all including LB. They stare into each others eyes a lot and I’m sure these boys are going to be inseperable.

I’m linking up with all the other lovely bloggers for this months The Siblings Project over at DearBeautifulBoysiblingsprojectbadge_zps1pltdh9d

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