#MySundayPhoto The Curly Slide

When your little boy has a favourite park near his grandparents, simply because it has a curly slide-like a helter skelter at a fairground, you’ve got to take him there, just to see the joy on his face.

So this week after preschool we headed to get his haircut, grabbed a sarnie from the shop and went to the park for a little picnic and a play!

Within 5 minutes it was starting to spit with rain, so I told LB to stop eating and go play in case the heavens opened. He ran as fast as he could to the curly slide and was gutted to discover that it was damp and therefore super slow. He tried the other slides quickly but said ‘that’s rubbish they’re so slow today’. So we headed back to the car to finish our picnic in the warm and dry.

I captured this photo through the window and just love the light, the fact that the rain is visible on the window and the slightly gutted face of my 3 year old. Bless him!


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