Blogs, Roast Lamb and Knitted Jumpers #LittleLoves #46

Happy Friday Everyone!

Another week closer to Christmas and there end of 2016!

Anyone started their shopping yet? I know some people who have finished, some that haven’t started and some like me who have just started to grab a few bits and pieces. The next 5 weeks are bound to go by in a blur.

This weeks #LittleLoves are Blogs, Roast Lamb and Knitted Jumpers.


I’m not doing too well on the book reading front,
though i must admit to adding more and more books to my must read list. Gonna make a New Years resolution on this I think.

I have however read a few blog posts that I have related to quite heavily this week……

MummyofBoyGirlTwins Jess wrote about The Kind of Mum she thought she’d be. I relate to this dream idea of what you think you will be like once your baby arrives, the tiredness and the loosing of yourself. I have spent a long time not being interested in stuff and have kind of started again from scratch with baby no 2.  I know how lucky I am and some days feel like Im a superman and others a complete disaster but like Jess says Perfection doesn’t exist.

A good friend of Mine Tash writes TheMilkyLegend blog and this week she wrote the post Parenting-Job or no? Now me and B know Tash and Rob quite well and I read this out and B said ‘oh Rob you didn’t say this out load-mate!!!’.  I certainly think that B thinks that he has the ‘harder life’ more often than not but he always assures me he knows how hard i work (basically i just don’t think he’ll say it out loud) I know from little comments though that this is a conversation that could easily go down in our house.


A friend tried to cheer me up with the song

No more tears (enough is enough) by Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer

This was a favourite dance of ours when we were younger and it always makes a smile even 20+ years later. We have been known to break out into a vocal rendition after too many Vinos.


Apart from Strictly (how is Ed still in) I haven’t watched anything as have been spending my evenings cleaning, plodding through the to do list and sorting hubbys accounts (yep so behind on that), the evenings seem to be flying by-no time to myself at all!


We bought a leg of lamb for a roast on Sunday (I feel like we haven’t had one in so long) and it’s lasted us pretty much all week with casseroles and pies.

Yeah wasn’t so great at getting the pastry to look pretty, but it tasted pretty good!


P wore a little zebra outfit that my dad and stepmum bought for LB. Quite cute that he blended in with the monochrome throw on the sofa!

Some new shoes for LB -seriously how is he a size 11 already. These high tops were from H&M and they are fluffy inside for added warmth.

Hat and Jumper knitted by my nan! He has a little collection of different colours and looking forward to his Xmas present one.

P has also started his own cute little collection too.

And Lastly

This week has also had some pretty crap bits.  I’m not ready to talk about them just yet, but B has put things into perspective for me. We are all healthy, we have a roof over our heads and we have each other and that’s all that really matters.


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12 thoughts on “Blogs, Roast Lamb and Knitted Jumpers #LittleLoves #46

  1. Mum Reinvented says:

    Love that knitted jumper and hat and that little zebra outfit is gorgeous! Your friend’s post is brilliant, sums up the same argument I have with my other half over and over again, drives me nuts! Sorry you’ve had a bit of a crap week, I’m with you on that one, fingers crossed for a much better week next week x


  2. Stacie (@ParkerandMe) says:

    Oh, that zebra outfit is just so cute. That roast dinner looks delicious, I might have to make one when our friends come to visit this weekend now I’ve seen that. Sorry to hear that parts of your week haven been rubbish. Here’s to a happy weekend xx


  3. Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    How cute is the little zebra outfit, just adorable. And yay, to legs of lamb, we have my mother in law coming for her birthday tea on Sunday and are planning to have on then.
    Hope everything is okay with you xx


  4. Halina Vie Choufleur says:

    I was about to say that I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping, but actually, thinking about it, I’m nearly done! We’ve made a lot of the gifts this year which has helped. I’m sorry that parts of your week have been rubbish – it’s great that this linky helps us remember the good. Fingers crossed for a better week for you next week. Also, that zebra outfit! SO CUTE! #LittleLoves


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