Ordinary moments #44 Parents Evening

This week was LB’s first Parents Evening at Preschool.
I’ve heard so many mums talk about how proud they are of their child after a parents evening and i was no different and he’s only 3years old.
What will it feel like when he is at big school?

From Jan 2012 – march 2016 I was a preschool assistant and have studied both my level 2 certificate and Level 3 diploma in childcare as well as Lifespan Development with my dance qualifications. I fully understand the EYFS curriculum, what is expected of children at certain ages and what next steps they would be working towards.
I have done the preschool assistants job and understand how important preschool education is, how beneficial the social situation is for children and also the paperwork the ladies have to deal with.


I obviously have a very good idea of what LB can do,
how far he can count, that he can recognise numbers, shapes and colours,
that he can catch and throw a ball and climb confidently,
that he loves books, cars, trains and has recently started to enjoy puzzles and games.
I know he can be kind and loving and is always telling us he loves us or misses us.
He is confident to be left as he knows we are always coming back,
in fact he’s been known to push me out of places telling me I can go already.
He loves to sing and dance and has certainly spent more time at a theatre,
behind stage and on it, than most children his age, he knows how important it is to exercise and eat well.
He is clever and understanding and super silly,
but has such a caring compassionate side to him


However I also know he will throw one hell of tantrum if he doesn’t get his own way,
he gets super emotional when tired yet refuses to nap, he can be a complete lazy bones,
he wants constant attention and would rather empty the dishwasher with you, put the washing on and sweep the floor than play on his own and he is constantly hungry, seriously i have no idea how I’m going to be able to keep the fridge full enough for these boys as the grow up.


However hearing what he’s like out of your company is amazing.
You hope it’s the positive that shines through and it was so lovely to hear the ladies telling me how lovely LB is.  How kind, caring, patient and friendly he is.  He socialises with a wide array of other children as well as being happy to do things on his own and he has grown so much in confidence.  Apparently before the summer he played alongside others and was a watcher (which he always has been) but since the holidays he has begun really playing with others and getting involved.  In fact so often this term I have met another parent in the playground who have known his name and told me that their child talks about him at home all the time.  He calls people by their names (this is a big deal as before the summer he was coming home telling me all sorts of names and none of them existed) and he asks for help when he needs it, asking the ladies by name too.  He loves reading and is often found in the book corner, as well as sitting focussed at storytime and often asks a lady to read him a story. Once he knows the story well enough, he can tell you the story via the pictures. He is also very imaginative with his play and is currently addicted to counting everything as well as recognising numbers and letters in the environment.
He is starting to understand phonics and is bringing this learning and knowledge home.
He takes turns and plays nicely with others as well as recognising his name and is starting to be able to write it as well.


I can’t believe that in the next few weeks I will be looking around potential schools for LB. That I will have to make such an important decision in the education of my first born already, it seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms in the hospital feeling that surge of love and pure panic over being a new mother.
As soon as I viewed his preschool I loved it.  It has such a lovely atmosphere and the ladies are wonderful.  Everyday I am reminded it was a great choice by the beaming smile of my little man.  I truly hope that this continues as he heads off to school, especially as I know he’s not likely to be going to the same school as some of his closest friends.

From next September he’ll be off into the big wide world, he won’t be around to fill my everyday with laughter (and that little bit of stress).
I’ll be honest I may have felt panicked when he started preschool (not quite as much as daddy did though-he was adamant he was not old enough to be left on his own just yet) and then grown to love the time i have when he is there, especially as I know how much he loves it (he’s gutted he can’t go at the weekend).
Therefore i am sure that although I will dread that first day possibly first week/month of big school, I’ll learn to love it as I see how much he thrives.
Its the knowledge that you are becoming less and less needed and that other people will become important in his education, discipline and social skills that scares the life out of me. The knowledge that one day he won’t need me.

At the end of the day though…


LB being happy is the most important thing
and he loves to learn and play with his friends.
So as long as he is smiling, so will I be and I will always be proud!

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