Pentatonix, New Friends and Parents Evening #Little Loves #45

Happy Friday lovely readers!! I do hope you’ve all had a fabulous week?!

Its been back to routine for us, with LB back at preschool and me and P having some time at home, as well as getting a few bits and pieces done.  I have also worked two evenings this week, which has been exhausting but amazing to see all my students.

This weeks Little Loves are Pentatonic, New Friends and Parents Evening


I’ve found a few minutes to sit down and flick through my good housekeeping magazine-I’m loving the festive feel to it, especially the traditions and gift ideas.
It’s certainly given me some ideas,
though I could find it very easy to go completely overboard.

This quote totally hit me this week too!
I never pat myself on the back even when I’ve done something pretty cool,
yet my husband would congratulate himself for doing a sh*t in the morning!
It means generally he is a lot more content and less stressy than me by far!
Maybe I should celebrate a bit more.


I’m always searching for new music.
Being a dance teacher means I am always looking for inspiration for choreography
and finding new songs for warm ups etc.
I’ve been out of the loop a bit recently but this week i started you tubing bits and pieces again.  After singing and recording this song with my students a few years back this song has had a special place in my heart and i love what Pentatonix do to create such amazing music, just with their voices.


I’ve got lots of things on catch up at the minute but I really don’t have much of an attention span to focus on big storylines.  So apart from my weekly Strictly Come Dancing fix I’ve caught a couple of Criminal Minds. I haven’t watched any in a while and my hubby always says Penelope Garcia reminds him of me .
I’m not 100% why but I do love her character.


Hot chocolates with marshmallows to warm us up after our fireworks.
If only we’d had some whipped cream too!

This week I’ve also made a new friend, through Instagram.
A lovely lady called Hayley who was pregnant at the same time as me.
We got chatting over our gestational diabetes and I soon discovered although she lives up north, her parents live in a town about 30 mins from me.
So as she’s been staying with them this week we met up halfway for a coffee.
4 hrs later we had to drag ourselves away so I could do the preschool pick up, but we felt like we’d know each other for years and are looking forward to meeting again.


I’ve been living in a pair of grey boots recently but this week I grabbed out my heeled Superdry boots. Trainers but a little more stylish!

Lots of layers!
As LB had been poorly we decided not to go to the main fireworks but have some in our back garden instead. We had sausage sandwiches, chips and beans alfresco and watched as Daddy set off our fireworks (and spied a few extras).

And lastly

I had this little dudes first parents evening last night.
Granted it’s only for preschool and it will be a lot more involved over the next few years as he starts school, but man has he made us proud!

It was wonderful….it was great to hear what he’s like there!
Apparently he’s kind, polite, helpful, good at his numbers, starting to write his name, takes turns, loves books and puzzles and is fascinated by so many things. He plays on his own as well as with a huge array of children and asks for help when he needs it and is super proud of the work he does! I was beaming as I was told just how lovely he is.

I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana for this weeks …..


6 thoughts on “Pentatonix, New Friends and Parents Evening #Little Loves #45

  1. Halina Vie Choufleur says:

    Oh yum, those hot chocolates look so good! Meeting up with internet friends is just the best, especially when you get on that well. And what a lovely Parents Evening that must have been – well done to your little dude 🙂 #LittleLoves


  2. Stacie (@ParkerandMe) says:

    How lovely to hear such nice things about your little one. Proud mum moment! I am always looking for new music too, becomes an extra job in itself doesn’t it?! Love Pentatonix, their Christmas songs are incredible! Enjoy your weekend xx


  3. Morgana says:

    Well done to your little man for such a fab parents evening!
    I love that quote, it really makes it hit home doesn’t it? Even the smallest achievement is worth celebrating.
    Have a lovely weekend xx


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