#MySundayPhoto Feeling Better

This week has been a crazy one.
It should have seen LB back at preschool after Half Term,
however he ended up very poorly and in hospital. 

This was a scary moment for us all, especially as the doctors never worked out what caused such a serious rash and swelling of all his joints, but this photo is him feeling a little better and wanting to chill on the sofa and watch cartoons with his little brother. It was so wonderful to have him home and on the mend and the fact that he wanted to involve his brother made my heart melt a little.
They snuggled under a blanket watching Blaze and the Monster Machines
and I felt so blessed as I watched on.

I had had to split myself in half with one child who needed me more than the other
and for once it wasn’t the newborn.
All I can say is Thank God for Nanny’s x


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