Me and Mine Project (October 2016)

October has been a busy month for us as a Family!
Well thats a bit of an understatement really…..
P was born on the 8th, Daddy turned 40 on the 15th and we also celebrated
my stepmum, Nans and Father In Laws Birthdays too.
We’ve had visitors galore coming over to meet P and spoil LB rotten and I’ve been in a state of recovery for the last 3 weeks.
I’v been trying to get some work sorted, keep up with my blog and the general day to day  routine and cleaning of the house, as well as getting LB to a dn from preschool.
We’ve had my mum to stay for a few days, half term fun as well as chill out days at home.
B was back at work a few days after P was born and is now fully booked up until Christmas which is great (he’s self employed so the money certainly comes in handy) but means he’s working constantly, so I am having to learn to solo parent two kids pretty quickly.
I kind of have a headache just thinking about October but it really has been a wonderful month and one that will stick in my mind forever as the first one as a Family of Four.

Now the photos we managed to get are pretty bad quality and we all look exhausted,
well except LB who just looks like a proud big brother!
I’ve tried filtering the hell out of them but they still don’t look great but hey…..
what do you expect with a newborn hey?


Mummy is loving

Holding P in her arms finally after what feels like forever

Cosying up on the sofa in some new fluffy pjs

Catching up on some blogging, and stalking instagram constantly

Watching ‘Me Before You’ finally and of course balling my eyes out

Glasses of Prosecco in a candlelit bath

Daddy is loving

Having two boys-something he secretly always wanted

Celebrating his Birthday-well the gifts and cake, maybe not the age (40)

Finally having a sofa in the Kitchen/Dining Room for him to watch his programmes when I’m hogging the Living Room

Being busy at work so not having to worry about the finances as much
(just how to fit it all in)

Playing computer games when I go to bed early

Little B is loving

Numbers-he’s turning everything into a counting game at the minute

All his new gifts people have brought him for being a fab big brother from games, to books, cuddly toys, clothes and sweets

Hot Chocolate and Monster Shakes

Climbing to the top of the climbing frames and running as fast as he can

Day trips out to Bekonskot and London (including the Transport Museum) with Friends and Family

P is Loving

Being out of his little womb prison

Milk – formula, expressed he’s not fussy but he’s a guzzler

Cuddles especially upright and face down on mummy’s chest

Being Alert and looking around his new environment

His Big Brother


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