#Ordinary Moments #43 Half Term

This week has been Half Term and with a 2 week old baby I’ll be honest I wasn’t exactly ready for it! When I’m working I’m usually counting down to Half Term but as P was only born at the beginning of October I hadn’t quite got myself in the right frame of mind for entertaining a 3 year old and a newborn, being further behind on all my work, exhausted and having less visitors so less excuse to sit around.

So this week has consisted of some little bits and pieces but still quite a bit of time at home. My mum came to stay for 3 nights as she had a cataract operation and needed to be around a responsible adult-ha i did find that funny that that was me!
The week has flown by, as have every day of the last 3 weeks and it has been lovely having LB home with us too, though he needs so much attention and stimulation at the minute I think we could both do with him being back at preschool, as its exhausting and I feel like i haven’t been able to offer him everything he so desperately wants/needs at the moment.

I want to try and get myself into a better routine over the next 6 weeks with housework, work, blogging etc utilising my time in the best possible way.  I sat down this week and wrote down everything that had been going round my brain that needed doing and now I have a list for me, home, the kids, my blog and work.  It’s long, it’s scary, but it certainly made me feel like a bit of a weight was lifted off my shoulders just getting it out of my head and down on paper.

Sunday we chilled at home.
A friend popped round (with these gorgeous flowers and stuff for bacon sarnies) in the morning and we just enjoyed some time pottering around the house and watching films.



Monday LB went into London with some friends and had an absolute ball.
He was spoilt rotten on trains, buses, the transport museum, sightseeing the London Eye, Big Ben and a three course meal in Pizza Express.  It made my heart swell when my friend actually thanked me for letting them take him.  She said he was an absolute pleasure and although he didn’t stop talking the whole time, they had a fantastic time and he was so well behaved!


Me and P stayed at home and procrastinated!
I did a little too much beating myself up for not utilising the time better but it was nice to know that LB was off enjoying himself when I couldn’t do that with him right now and enjoy guilt free cuddles with P.


Tuesday I met my sister and stepsister and all the nieces and nephews for a catch up.
Baby cuddles all round, many games of snakes and ladders, a little bit of lunch and a chin wag. Then me and LB headed over to the park before mum arrived after her op.





Wednesday we went and registered P (he is now official) and while we were there we joined the library.  I had meant to do this over the summer after being recommended the reading challenge but it was just one of those things that didn’t happen.  However LB, P and I now all have our own library cards and we picked up some books for bedtime reading.
Now to remember to take them back-EEK!


Thursday we met my nan and went to the local Garden centre which has a little pet zone, where we saw rabbits, guinea pigs and fish as well as having a Halloween section and the Christmas area was looking simply magical.  I love having a little look around but with a hyperactive 3 year old who wants to pick up everything and disappear from your sight as soon as you look away, it made it all just a little difficult.
Me and my nan decided we’d do it again when LB is back at preschool.


Friday we had friends round in the morning to see P and talk to me re work (nothing like graduate students doing some amazing planning for me and taking a workload off my shoulders-so grateful), dropped mum home, popped into my aunties and went to the Park (the one with the curly slide as it’s so much better than the one across the road from us apparently).
Also had a little me time with wine and candles in a nice hot bath.
If only P would allow me enough time to fully enjoy it before screaming his head off
and not settling for Daddy.


Saturday we chilled at home while B went off to empty his Nans caravan as after what feels like a lifetime she is selling it. This is really sad as I know the family have a lot of memories from their childhood down by the river.
We now have a van full of furniture and bits and bobs on our driveway to sort out and
this is going to mean some serious clearing this Sunday to make some of it fit in our house and garden.

P turned 3 weeks old this week too which just seems completely mental.  Why does it go so damn quickly, he is already changing so much and feeling chunkier.

Me and LB also made some amazing Monster Shakes, inspired by KA at Life As Our Little Family they were so yummy and incredibly naughty!


So today is the last day of Half Term.
We have no plans except pottering around the house and garden
and spending time as a family as Daddy was out all of yesterday.
Tomorrow LB will be heading back to Preschool and I will be trying to get myself a little more sorted for the last half term of 2016,
which is filled with lots of work (exams, workshops and paperwork up to my eyeballs), christmas planning and shopping,
appointments to book,
blog posts to write,
so much housework to do
but mainly getting to grips with having two children and being a Family of Four!

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