The Library, Me Before You and Halloween outfits #LittleLoves #43

Hello Little Lovers how are we this week? It’s been Half Term here and although enjoyable I can’t say we really needed it as such (like it can feel sometimes) as B loves preschool and I could have done with more than two weeks to get used to being a mother of two before having both of them for a whole week-yikes, but we’ve kept ourselves reasonably busy with some help from family and friends!

This weeks Little Loves are the Library, Me Before You and Halloween outfits.


We officially registered P on Wednesday which happens to be at our local library. I haven’t been to a library since I was a child and so myself, LB and P are now members and enjoyed some time choosing some books. 

While driving this week I heard the Radio 1 Live Lounge Of James Arthur – Say you won’t let go

It was number one when P was born and when I heard it on the live lounge and listened to the lyrics it made me thnk of my hubby-soppy I know, but it really made me smile and think that no matter how some days can suck, I really do love that man.


Cold Feet finale (what? How is that the end already? They certainly left it open for another series though)

GBBO finale and I was really pleased Candace won as I had her pegged from day one!

and the film Me Before You! Woah! I loved the book and have been desperate to watch the film and it didn’t disappoint-lots of blubbering from me.


As we’ve got more into a routine this week I’ve made sure we’ve had a good meal to sit down to each night!

Homemade Pizza, chicken casserole and lasagne being a few!


P has been given so many cute outfits (even though we have so much boys stuff already) but the Halloween and Christmas stuff is super cute. He has to wear Halloween all this week now-I’m not too sure he’s happy about it though?!

LB has his new RYT jacket which he’s loving!
This is the youth theatre that works alongside my dance school and it’s great that he gets all the gear to be involved, even though technically he’s too young to perform with us yet. He’s always at rehearsals and shows so he’ll look the part now too. 

We also found out the babygrow I got for LB when he was born (6weeks before a show) which has my schools logo on the back and B’s plumbing business logo in the front!

Supporting the family businesses! 
And Lastly

This week has been half term which means LB has been with me all week so it’s been interesting getting into a bit more of a routine with the two of them-meaning I’m exhausted and haven’t had a minute to myself!
On Monday LB went off into London with some friends to give me a day to myself, which instead of being productive turned into a day of me procrastinating and beating myself up-not great! He had a fab day though and got spoilt rotten on trains, buses, the transport museum, pizza express, Big Ben and so much more! 

I’m linking up with Morgana over at CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat for this weeks #LittleLoves


10 thoughts on “The Library, Me Before You and Halloween outfits #LittleLoves #43

  1. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Love your little loves this week! I have not been to the library in years!! I should go as we all love books so much! The pizza looks amazing! Since having baby P, LB looks so grown up! Love the picture with him in his jacket {I love the jacket too!} Totally love the James Arthur song, it makes me a little teary every time I hear it! xxx


  2. Halina Vie Choufleur says:

    That pizza looks delicious! And I love your personal story behind that James Arthur song – I’ve never really given it much thought before but I’m now having another listen and it really is very sweet. I really want to sign my son up to the library but as we’re moving soon there isn’t much point so I have to hang on for another few months…gah!


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’d never listened to it properly either but i think its really lovely and keep listening to it now! Thats the only problem with moving hanging onto all those ideas until you’re all sorted. LB is a huge book fan so i must try to utilise it as much as possible. Have a great Sunday x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know too cute hey 😀 yes it’s been good and as I gradually get used to juggling two – kinda 😬 it makes getting things done a little easier! Looking forward to heading back to the library next week and hopefully keeping it up. Have a lovely weekend x


  3. Jade @ Captured By Jade says:

    I don’t have a child in school yet – my son starts in January – but this half terms seems to have rolled around in the blink of an eye! I feel like it was just a week ago I was seeing the back to school posts!

    We love our local library and visit once a week. I’m hoping we can keep it up when toddler starts preschool because he is such a bookworm! Your meals look yummy and clothes super cute, especially baby’s Halloween outfit. I hope you have a great weekend!


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’ve always worked in education so the school holidays have been exciting for me but with LB being at preschool since April now theres that point now where i get to spend more time with him! I must make the effort now to use the library as regularly as possible as LB is a book worm-i can’t wait for him to learn to read. Have great weekend x


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