The Siblings Project (October 2016)

So here I am finally able to join in on a linky project I’ve loved following on Instagram and blogs over the years!

We added another little boy to our family on 8th October and the love and admiration I’ve already seen between P and LB is beautiful!

Neither me or B have Brothers so this is a new adventure for us all!

I’ve loved snapping little moments of them together over the last 2 weeks and I can’t wait to watch as their bond grows over the following weeks/months/years!

The first time they met in the hospital was such a wonderful sight.
It truly made my heart melt!
It is true when you worry that you may not be able to love someone as much,
then you realise that your love just doubles.
LB had been desperate for a brother the whole way through my pregnancy and we kept saying ‘but it might be a girl’ and he was having none of it.
He really was over the moon and wanted to hold his little bro
as soon as he set eyes on him.

LB is already such a great big brother.
He comes running as soon as he hears P crying, helps feed him as well as gets the nappies, wipes, changing mat and changes of clothes whenever i need.
I’m not sure how long this will all last, but he’s being great.

Of course in the first week we had a lot of emotions and we had a few days of LB being completely crazy, he’s not been great at going to bed, however sleeps through and P hasn’t woken him at all.

We really can’t fault the way he has taken to being a big brother
and I can’t wait to watch the bond develop.
Daddy and LB are already talking about putting P in goal when they play football.

It really has been a lazy few weeks as my stitches are taking a little longer to heal than anticipated and LB has taken it all in his stride.  Thank goodness for Preschool to keep him entertained in the mornings but he hasn’t complained about being on the sofa and playing at home in the afternoons though i’m pretty sure he thinks everyone that walks through the door has got a gift for him.
He has been just as spoilt as P.


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