Autumn Manifesto

So back at the beginning of the Summer holidays I wrote a Summer Manifesto of all the places and things I’d like to Go, Visit, See, Try, Do, Make, Eat and Work during the holidays. We ticked off quite a bit (though not everything) but I promised not to beat myself up about it! I loved the idea and thought id do the same for Autumn. 

Autumn has become a new favourite season of mine over the years and looking at the dates for 2016s official Autumn it takes us almost up to Christmas.


  1. To a pumpkin patch
  2. Trick or Treating
  3. To a Firework display
  4. To the park, soft play, garden centre-do things to keep LB entertained and feeling special
  5. To the theatre-there are some shows at the local theatre that I would love to see if I can tear myself away from the little one for a few hours


  1. The woods for autumnal walks kicking the leaves up in our wellies
  2. Family and friends
  3. Father Christmas at the Garden Centre with Nanny
  4. Schools and make the decision where we want LB to go next September
  5. Pick Your Own or Local Farm Shop for seasonal veg


  1. Our new baby for the first time
  2. Everyone’s smily faces over our newborn
  3. The seasons change
  4. LB’s excitement over the build up to Christmas
  5. Some Christmas lights switch on



  1. Something new
  2. To spread out my Christmas shopping over the next 12 weeks
  3. A Pumpkin Spiced Latte
  4. Some seasonal arts and crafts
  5. A new recipe



  1. Some food planning for some fab Christmas meals
  2. Keep on top of my blogging -writing and reading my faves
  3. My Christmas cards early to avoid the panic
  4. Take it easy – don’t push myself too hard
  5. Give my big boy extra cuddles and kisses


  1. Time for myself amongst the craziness of a newborn
  2. Lists – to do, Christmas wishes, planning, recipes
  3. Some seasonal/festive decorations with LB
  4. Plans for 2017
  5. Christmas as special as possible on a budget


  1. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
  2. Roast dinners
  3. All the things I missed while pregnant
  4. Hearty Soups and Casserole
  5. A healthy diet – will be tested for actual diabetes in 3 months so need to be careful



  1. As little as possible as I’m supposed to be enjoying maternity leave
  2. Mock exams
  3. Organise Christmas workshop
  4. Read Dance Studio Transformation by Clint Salter and do the Coursework
  5. Update Social Media and Studio Blog regularly


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