New baby boy, brothers and Babyspam #LittleLoves #41

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week!

This week has definitely been a blur-more so than any other! I missed last weeks little loves but I had an amazing excuse as when I had planned to finish and publish my post, my waters broke and I went into Labour! On my due date after being told 2 hrs previously while being monitored etc that nothing was gonna happen realistically until I was induced on Tuesday!

Anyway I’ll be writing more about P’s Birth Story when I’m functioning a little better, but for today I wanted to do my #Little Loves as normal!

Apologies for the babyspam now but this week has been all about our new little boy.

This weeks Little Loves are New baby boy, brothers and Babyspam


Postnatal notes, P’s little red book, welcome baby boy cards and lots of leaflets and paperwork! To be honest read is possibly a little bit of a stretch, more like flicked through and took nothing in.


Those little baby cries! Not very often thank goodness……he’s not keen on bath time nor having his nappy changed and he’s a greedy bugger but apart from that! Ha!

He’s also been really mucusy too so those little snorey snuffles while he’s sleeping have had me double checking him constantly. 

The brotherly bond already starting to develop! LB was so desperate for a brother-the phrase ‘if it’s a girl it’s in trouble’ were used frequently in the lead up to P’s birth. Therefore he was over the moon and has generally been amazing and very helpful. However we have also had a lot of attention seeking, loud, crazy behaviour and I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to how to make this whole process easier for him.

Well more like heated up lasagne and chips from m&s-lol!

I made two beautiful little boys…… Not all on my own obviously-lol


The beautiful hospital gown! Luckily I was able to change into my own pjs before heading up to the ward unlike with LB where I wore it for days!

LBs grandparents bought him a gorgeous OshKosh hoodie that he’s being living in this week. 

How cute is P in this little dressing gown that LB had. So fluffy and cute! 
And Lastly  
I’m certainly feeling the love this week! Visits, cards and gifts from family and friends as well as Facebook and Instagram love from the blogging community too. I’m so grateful and in awe of the bond and support people have for each other in situations like this!

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12 thoughts on “New baby boy, brothers and Babyspam #LittleLoves #41

  1. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Love love love this weeks #littlelove! GORGEOUS! Congratulations on the birth of your little one, loving the baby spam! Have a wonderful weekend xx


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