Me and Mine Project – September

I had wondered for a split second whether August would have been our last Me and Mine Project as a family of three but Plum has held on into October.
Unlike LB who was due February but sneaked in early at the end of January in 2013.

As always our Me and Mine photos are soooooo last minute – to the point where they are actually making me chuckle now, but I love it!
God knows how I’m going to manage when there are 4 of us.

I mean Daddy hasn’t even got a clue this one was even taken! 


Mummy is loving

Knowing that baby Plum will be here in a matter of weeks (technically days now)

Scented Candles (oatmeal and vanilla is a fave)

Relaxing or trying to in front of all the great Autumn TV that has now started (Strictly/Poldark/ Cold Feet)

Some time to herself as LB is back at preschool

All the decorating that has been happening, making the house look more homely and inviting-long may it continue.

Daddy is loving

Decorating-ok maybe its more there’s less nagging when its actually being done

Getting some rounds of golf in with friends

The football is getting back into the swing of the season – big chelsea supporter here!

Building dens with LB

The cooler weather-he’s not a fan of too much heat

Little B is loving

Being back at preschool, seriously he can’t get in quick enough.
Especially now he goes an extra day and has lunch there once a week too.

The idea of a new brother soon – not a sister though

Snack time on the sofa with mummy in the afternoon

Kicking the Autumn leaves

Showing Daddy how high he can climb at the park
(this scares Daddy a little though-lol)


Linking up with Lucy @ DearBeautifulBoy and all the other fab Cohosts and Bloggers for Septembers #meandmineproject

So I’ll see you back here at the end of October with a picture of 4 of us-
I’m not guaranteeing its quality, but then again it can’t get much more amusing than Daddy sleeping through it! 

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