Food and Drink – Post Pregnancy

I have always been a foodie and someone who likes a tipple.
Especially over the last 10 years with B, the food I enjoy has changed and food in general has become much more about enjoyment than simply being hungry
and yes I am one to admit i love alcohol.
I don’t particularly like being drunk (just tipsy) but i love the taste of
wine, spirits, beer, cocktails-yep I’m not fussy!

I haven’t particularly found it difficult giving up alcohol when pregnant, though i have fancied it a little more this time round rather than when i was pregnant with LB.
I have been known to smell a few glasses over the last 9 + months.IMG_6641

I know a lot of what i can add back in will totally depend on whether breastfeeding works for me this time or not (I unfortunately wasn’t very successful with LB), as well as the fact that I will not be devouring all of this in one go-ok I can’t actually guarantee that.  However these are some of the things I have been missing during pregnancy.

Some of these are due to what you can and can’t have during pregnancy,
some down to my Gestational Diabetes
and some that I just haven’t fancied etc.


Medium Rare Steak

Chinese Takeaway


Cheese, cheese and more cheese
Brie, Stilton, Camembert


Berries, Melon, Mango

Roast Potatoes and Chips

White Bread


All the naughties Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cake, Biscuits, Doughnuts

Red Wine and Prosecco

I was so happy that the rules on runny eggs changed at the beginning of this year as I have lived on dippy eggs and they were something i craved with LB.


Christmas will only be a few months after Plum is born and the food and treats around that time are heaven.  The year I was pregnant with LB i was over 8 months pregnant at christmas and was gutted to not be able to enjoy the cheeseboard at the in laws nor the copious glass of bubbles.  I’ve already warned the sister in law she can hold the baby while I sit in the corner with a bottle of prosecco and a straw.
Only Kidding-Kind of!!

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