Cold Feet, Food Festival & Autumn Leaves #LittleLoves #39

Another week gone and another closer to baby!
39 weeks today and I am not sure how interesting these little loves are going to be as I really don’t feel like I have done very much, except get stressed out trying to deal with things beyond my control!

This weeks Little Loves are Cold Feet, Food Festival and Autumn Leaves


I’m making my way through A Girl on the Train and enjoying it I must admit, I have absolutely no idea where its going to go but I’m not even halfway through yet.
When I get my head down I’ve been reading quite a few chapters but then not picking it up again for a few days.
I’ve also been reading up on lot of pregnancy and birth related bits and pieces.
Probably scaring myself more than preparing myself but……

A few too many emails when I’m supposed to be on Maternity Leave.
I swear its impossible to switch off when you run your own business and also when its not you doing the work in person there always seems to be issues.
People not liking your decisions or just simply, it seems, having something to complain about or discuss with you when you really don’t have the inclination to deal with it.
Bleurgh!!! Just feel guilty!!!!
This quote seriously made me chuckle though and completely how I’ve felt!



On Saturday we headed to a local food festival with my best mate.
We haven’t seen each other in a while and it was really lovely to catch up and have a good chin wag, as well as check out a lot of good food.
We went from her house on the bus and LB was in seventh heaven, there was lots of
‘look at the cows mummy, theres a blue car following us, are we there yets’



Strictly come Dancing.
It really does get me into a cosy Autumnal and yes Christmassy mindset.
Its a real build up moment for this time of year.
I can’t believe i only started watching a few years back.  Its now my Saturday Night ritual although it starts that little bit too early at the start of the series, which means i always have to pause it midway to do LB’s bedtime.


I also caught up with Cold Feet with three episodes in one night and love it.
It feels like it never went away!


Jamie Olivers Spanish Chickpea and Chorizo Soup.
B has been suffering with man flu-just what we need when baby is due next week
and this just makes you feel so much better as its full of goodness.
Hopefully he’ll shake it soon.
I’m not sure I can cope with the moaning while I’m in labour-he’ll probably think he’s in more pain than me!


Same Old Same Old.

Come on baby out you come so i can change my wardrobe about a little bit, will you!

And Lastly

I must admit the last few years I have started to appreciate Autumn a little more,
as  it’s always been about the summer and Christmas for me.

The weather has certainly changed this week.  I am happy as long as the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  Not a big fan of rain but I’m happy to throw on the layers if its a bit chilly.

These pictures were all taken in one day.
The lovely colour of autumnal leaves with my flip flops, me stood at the park in the rain and then 10 mins later look at the blue sky!

Thanks For Reading x

I’m linking up for this weeks…..


8 thoughts on “Cold Feet, Food Festival & Autumn Leaves #LittleLoves #39

  1. Vickie says:

    Oh that quote sums up my life perfectly too! I’m going to have to find a print of it for the wall. 🙂

    Fingers crossed for news of your little one soon!



  2. coffeeworksleep says:

    We love Strictly too! We let the girls stay up on a Saturday to watch the first bit and then they run down the next morning to watch the rest on catch up. They are obsessed!
    I love that ducks and squirrels quote, so funny!
    You are so near the end of your pregnancy, I’ll have to keep my eye out for any announcements!! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’ve tried to get Lb involved as he loves dancing but still too young for him not to be talking through it when I’m trying to focus 😜 it’s the first time I’ve seen that quote and it cracked me up and felt so real. Nope not long at all now-getting nervous and super excited too xx


  3. Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    39 weeks, how exciting. Looking forward to hearing your news.
    I love that quote, my husband always uses the phrase “get your ducks in a row” I’ve never heard anyone else ever use it! xx


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