Mummy Shopping List

So there is literally a matter of weeks now until Baby Tanswell No 2 makes its appearance.  Over the last month I have been manically washing every item of clothing LB ever wore, as well as some second hand bits and pieces handed down to us recently, but as we don’t know whether this little bundle is a boy or a girl we are in a state of limbo still.  We also know that its not going to be a small baby (yikes) so while holding up a newborn baby grow that i was planning on packing into my hospital bag the other day, i realised it may actually never get to wear certain things.
Anyway i have realised that unless it’s a girl we really don’t need anything.
We are stocked up on baby grows, blankets, muslins, scratch mitts, booties etc
That then got me thinking of all the lovely yummy mummy stuff I’ve been spotting about, especially on Instagram recently and there are certainly some bits and pieces I would love to get that are more about the beauty than the necessity before baby Plum arrives!
And mostly for me!! Oops!

I have been coveting a ‘Selfish Mother’ Boyfriend Jumper for so long now.
To be honest I’d be happy with anything from this website its all beautiful, but this is a favourite.

I love the idea of the Yes Mum cards, i do love a good motivational quote and there is so much with the different packs that i think any of the following would suit me
Original, Pride, Boss, Wellbeing and Human.


I have followed Constance Hall for a while now and she makes me chuckle, take a step back, realise i’m not that awful and feel real and I would love to have a read of her
Like a Queen book


Mama Necklace from Cult of Youth, I mean look….


Also loving the shape and colour of this Sweetees Mamapreneur Tee.


Only a few little beauties-HA! 

Then you get to the necessities……
Some new make up and decent face moisturiser
A whole new wardrobe of lovely bits as you sit between pregnancy and your old size.
Perfume you can smother yourself in, in case you don’t have time for a shower for days.

Oh and…..

Nappies Nappies and more nappies
Non Bio Washing powder
A stocked freezer and biscuit tin.

Oh the list could go on!

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