38 (and a bit) weeks pregnant

I know I only wrote a couple of weeks ago at 36 weeks but here I am 38 + 5 and thought I’d come back for what will probably/hopefully be my last update before baby Plum makes it’s appearance.


So the bump feels huge.
Its certainly grown in the last few weeks and feels to me like its all out front and has dropped a bit too.
This can only be a good sign right?



Since having our Kingsize bed I have certainly been sleeping better and its also made a difference to my pelvis/ hip pain.  The mattress is memory foam and much more sturdy so I’ve noticed I’m not flipping around quite as much.  I’m going to need as much sleep as possible over the next two weeks so I am very grateful for that.

Also since baby has dropped I’ve been getting less heartburn and have been hungrier.
I just wish I could eat more of the things i fancy. The GDM has been kept better at bay by an extra tablet of metformin with lunch, so I’m now on 3 tablets a day, but am happy they chose this rather than an insulin injection everyday-i wasn’t sure how i was going to cope with that if i’m honest.



I’ve certainly had my ups and downs here.
I wrote a blog post at the beginning of the week, about my feelings and emotional state and how LB put things into perspective a little for me.
I think the hormones are certainly at work.
Some days I’m a bit of a mess wondering how I’m going to get through the birth, the first few weeks/months of lack of sleep, being a mother of two, trying to run a business etc. Then another day I’m feeling positive and productive and I’m flying around feeling good about everything.
Oh the joys!


So I’m 9 days away from my due date and I have a sweep and Induction date all booked in before I’m 40+4 which is under two weeks away.
This has given me and B a few dates in our head to get childcare and work kind of in order.
It could still happen at any minute obviously and I would prefer not to be induced, however its just a waiting game and thats the hard bit.

The bags are packed and the nursery is finally finished though
and looking fab-I am really pleased with it.
I am going to write up a little post with some pictures shortly.
Nothing like trying to keep busy.


My mum brought over the carseat, carry cot and buggy last Friday and we spent all afternoon working out how it all fitted together.  It’s so much easier than the one i had with LB, now just to remember which button to press to attach, detach and fold it all down each time while struggling with minimal sleep.

Things I’m looking forward to once baby has arrived
* Cuddles
* Seeing the bond with baby plum and its big brother and Daddy
* Knowing if I have a boy or a girl
* Sleeping on my front (well eventually)
* All the food and drink I can have again-there is a huge list of things I’ve missed.
* Putting my engagement and wedding rings back on again

Things I’ll miss about being pregnant
* Feeling Plum wriggle inside me
* Feeling probably a little more in control and not having to remember all the millions of things you have to take with you when you have a newborn
* Sleep
* Having an excuse to put my feet up more

Anyway wish me luck!!!!
Its nearly time x


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