(Ordinary Moments 16) #37 Back to Routine

So this week saw the return of the School Term.
The start of the academic year 2016/17 and so many children heading off to big school for the first time, into new classes or starting a new adventure.

On Wednesday LB set off for his first day back at Preschool and his first Lunch Bunch,
so an extra 1.5 hours on top of his morning session!
He is now heading into preschool for 13.5hrs a week rather than 9.

He was super excited as he now gets to see his friend 4 days a week rather than 2 and to be honest i think he’d started to get a little bored of Mummy.  


Last week he’d asked while bushing his teeth if it was still the summer holidays and when i said yes but next week you go back to school he actually said ‘Yes’ with a big smile on his face.  He has always been eager to go to preschool which makes my life a whole lot easier.  As I worked as a preschool assistant for 4 years pre LB and up until this Easter, I know how beneficial it is for children to have this experience and how much fun and development they gain.  However I can understand for a parent it can be hard to let go and see other people looking after their child and becoming such a big part of their lives.  Its that first time that you feel you lose a little part of them and that strange feeling of them not needing you 100%

I have never had a problem getting LB into preschool in fact he hardly gives a backward glance.  During his first week in April we had some tears when i picked him up, but i think that was 1. because he’d had a lovely time and didn’t want me to take him home and
2. because it was little overwhelming.

Now though he is off!
He loved lunch club on Wednesday and was so happy to be taking his lunchbox with him, he had to carry it on his lap on the drive.img_5520-1

While LB is at preschool it gives me time to catch up on housework (Bleurgh), open the laptop and blog/get some much needed work done without being prodded constantly and everything taken 5 times as long, and get some bits sorted for the baby.  You know what, there was even a few days before the summer where i popped into town and had a wander around the shops, without a little person disappearing every time i looked at something.

That little bit of me time however I end up using it means things get done a little quicker as my brain certainly works better in the morning rather than at night – especially at the minute at over 36 weeks pregnant.  It also means i have a moment to breathe, take stock of everything, have a hot cup of tea, steal 5 minutes with a magazine, speak to someone on the phone in peace and sit in silence/blare MY music all morning.
I am really grateful to have this time, as for the past 3.5 years LB has either been by my side or when he’s been with other people its because i have been at work looking after other peoples children (either at preschool or teaching them to dance).

I appreciate this quiet time and to be honest when i pick him up and see his big smiley face as he runs to me to give me a cuddle and show me what he has made that day before heading home, i feel that little more refreshed to give him what he needs in the afternoon before i head out to work.  Meaning my time with him is more quality now.


I feel like we are both getting the best out of our day/week and that feels good.
Just as this routine kicks in though and as we get to grips with it all baby will arrive and everything will change again.

As I walked LB to preschool this week I have held his hand, as he’s practically galloped his way, pulling me along to the playground and thought about the changes that are about to occur.
How this little me and him time is coming to an end
and it has made me feel really emotional.
It’s feeling like the start of an era, with him going to preschool as well as the end of one, being an only child and its a little bit scary yet a whole lot of exciting too.

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I’m linking up with Katie over at MummyDaddyMe for this weeks #Ordinary Moments.

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