36 weeks (and a bit) pregnant

So here I am at 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant.
Only just over 3 weeks to go now until D-Day and I have been informed that they will induce me no later than 40+4 rather than the usual 42 weeks +

Baby Plum is now the size of a honeydew melon
and should be weighing about 5.8lb though at my scan last week its more like 6.5lb.
With less than 4 weeks to go now, the time is passing by in a blur as I am still so busy with work and getting our house ready, that I’m not really spending much time sitting around.



Last Wednesday I had a growth scan, antenatal diabetes check and appointment with the obstetrician. 2 hours later and I had also added extra blood tests to the list (which took 3 needles to get any blood) to check my liver function (as I’ve been suffering with an itchy head and neck) and a prescription for piriton.

I now have appointments and another scan booked for 2 more weeks (37+5) where hopefully they’ll book an induction date. Whether this is early or at 40 +4 which is the latest they’ll let me go due to the gestational diabetes will depend on babies size but currently scan is saying it’s about 6lb 5oz.


Unfortunately this week my blood levels have started to creep up again and tomorrow they may be putting me on insulin apparently, after a discussion with my diabetic nurse over the phone today.  It seems that the second week of each thing sees my bloods going up again.  So far we’ve done two weeks of diet, two of 1 x metformin and now on week 2 of 2x metformin and the levels are starting to go up again-still only at breakfast though.  Apparently I’m just chasing my hormones at the minute.

I also had a midwife appointment today where she said head is engaged (well forehead is anyway) and heartbeat was sounding the strongest i have heard and a little faster though still in normal range.  May not have to see her again due to all my hospital appointments which will save an extra trip. Though Diabetic clinic at the hospital tomorrow.



I’m Feeling terribly sorry for myself.  I’m tired and clumsy and uncomfortable and my brain is on overdrive.  I’m desperately trying to stay on top of work and getting stuff done around the house but i have days like today where i just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

I am becoming more scared of the labour.  I know what’s going and i really don’t think that helps.  I don’t know whether i’m going to have to be induced yet or whether my body will go into labour naturally before my due date, which i’m hoping.


I’ve also been having silly thoughts of when it would be great to have baby-like I have a choice.  October is very busy for us.  My due date is my step mums birthday and B’s 40th is 8 days later, along with my Nan’s and my father in laws. I’d like to avoid birth and being in hospital obviously for B’s 40th.  Also as B is self employed i keep thinking about how much time he’ll have to take off.  Ideally I’d go into labour over the weekend rather than mid week so he only has to miss a couple of days rather than a full week as we can’t afford it.  I know baby is more important etc but all i can think of is that so far nothing has been ideal and knowing my current luck we’ll end up with the worst case of all my scenarios.

LB is also being a complete pain for me at the minute and I am trying so hard not to lose my patience, mind or temper but……..
I am so scared of the change its going to have in our relationship,
scared of how he is going to adapt to having to share me, B and grandparents and
scared about how I’m going to cope with two children and therefore whether he’s going to feel pushed out.


Being a mother is so great and I love LB to bits but I am starting to worry having two was a bad idea (too late now i know-lol) as its just going to be such big change for us all.
I know its not a bad idea, i know thats a silly thing to say, I know we will cope no matter what and this baby will be loved just as much as LB but yes the emotions have well and truly taken over.


Ok so I’ve been feeling it the last few weeks!

There’s now less than 4 weeks to go and I’ve kind of had enough.
I’m not really ‘ready’ for baby to be here either, but the pregnancy pains are driving me mad…….

Desperately Craving sweet things that I can’t have because of my GDM.

Hip pain, which my sister in law has been trying to keep at bay with little massages.

Itchy scalp and neck which the piriton is working for most of the time, but not completely.

Nightime leg cramps.


Sore boobs and bras that are digging into my bump.

Exhaustion, seriously even when i go to bed early i still feel like i could sleep for a week.  Impossible to nap with a 3 yr old.

I can’t get comfortable anywhere for too long.

My feet and hands have started to swell up and I am now having to wear my engagement and wedding rings around my neck which i don’t like.


And I’m obviously being beaten up internally (though if I’m honest I will actually miss this part)

Although I’m damn uncomfortable a lot of the time, I do love my bump.
Its going to be so strange when its not there anymore and theres a baby in my arms again.  I feel a bit torn between loving the pregnancy feeling of knowing you are growing a human, the only one to really feel it moving around and the bond feels wonderful and wanting to have my baby in my arms now and be able to bend over and still breathe, get my body into more comfortable positions and sleep on my front as well as have a glass of wine, blue cheese, pate and a bit of cake.
Not necessarily altogether but i wouldn’t say no!


Ok so the baby room is nearly done.
Much further than this now but this photo makes me feel calmer than the most current one!


A few weekends back we cleared it all out, got baby bits down from the loft so i have been washing like mad (with a bit of help from my Nan) and we have painted the room in a pale grey.  We have gone for yellow touches throughout and although it’s not done as yet I am loving the way its coming together slowly but surely.
However every time i feel like we are nearly there, something else gets added or changed.  Eg we were given a better/bigger wardrobe over this weekend so thats now up and in there and i’ve had to move furniture and clothing etc around again.

Still lots of general organising to do over the next few weeks and making space for our little crib in our bedroom, as well as locating the crib bedding as that seems to be the only thing we cannot find! OOPS!

This little man has been such a slave driver wanting to help get everything ready for the baby.  Even when i’ve needed a rest he’s been pushing to do more, though he’s definitely not sure about sharing any of his toys.

img_5441My hospital bag has things thrown in its vague direction but isn’t actually packed.
Though I feel like I’ve spent days going through all our clothes sorting between age groups and neutral/boy clothes as well as some girl bits people have given me in case.
We certainly have a lot to be getting on with.
Poor baby has nothing new-ok i lie one baby grow i bought and one blanket from a friend. There’s been so many lovely hand me downs though that i haven’t felt the need to go out and buy stuff which is great as we’re going to need nappies and possibly formula galore.


We now have a carseat, carrycot and pushchair travel system.
Though its all boxed up at my mums still, so i really should get that back here and the carseat into the car just in case.  LB’s labour started 9 days early and I have my fingers crossed I might be in with that luck again-HA!!

We are still undecided on names, though we may have decided on the girls one.  If its a boy we are still unsure.  In fact we’ve stopped discussing it altogether as we just can’t agree.  At the weekend I was reading an article in gurgle about names and I’m still none the wiser.

I’ve been writing this post every 4 weeks throughout my pregnancy, but I’ve just realised that by the next 4 weeks baby will be here-yikes!
Now thats scary!

The Tanswell Family is soon to be a 4!


B brought me this picture for Christmas last year.
LB spotted it in the living room this week and said

‘Theres Mummy, Daddy and LB, wheres the Baby?
I think we need to get a new picture Mummy’

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