Ordinary Moments #36 The Rest of our Summer

A few weeks ago I wrote up a little update of our summer holidays so far
and now here we are at the end of them-Wow!

6 weeks has flown by and we are now here on the last Sunday.
My Performing Arts School returns tomorrow (even though I’m only popping in and out and covering a few classes over the next few weeks as I have my maternity cover in place) and LB returns to preschool on Wednesday.

LB is adding some extra preschool hours to his week this term.
Going up from 9 hours over 3 days to 13.5 hours over 4 days.
He has been asking me over the last few days when he’s going back and I think he’s really ready.  We have spent lots of time on numbers, colours, shapes, letter recognition etc over the summer in our play and it feels like he’s grown up so much in his language and general abilities.  When baby arrives I know he’s going to seem even bigger-he’s certainly not my baby anymore and that makes me sad yet so proud.

I’m looking forward to a few weeks of peace while LB is at preschool to try and get on top of some work and get fully prepped for baby, including finishing touches on the nursery, packing hospital bags and putting my feet up. There s a backlog of things to catch up on that just didn’t happen over the summer.  LB hasn’t wanted me to leave his side so has meant my to do list has just got bigger and bigger.

It seems like a lot of my photos have been at home over the last few weeks, but we have still been busy with decorating the nursery and LBs bedroom is now underway and we’ve generally just been enjoying each other’s company.
We have had some visits from good friends, picnics at the park and sleepovers though unfortunately not many pictures taken there just the memories.

Lots of funny faces made as we get ready to go out or when this little one knows daddy is on his way home so he makes us sit in the car and wait for him! We sat there for over half an hour the other day as he refused to go in till Daddy was back.

LB enjoyed a day out with Nanny and Grandad on Bank Holiday Monday
to Wellington Country Park.
They have taken him a few times while I’ve been at work and
he especially loves the little train and huge dinosaurs.


We painted the babies nursery grey and have finally started to add the furniture, but apart from that we are still unorganised.  Especially as the room is now crammed with LBs stuff as we have started on his.
B decide it was a great idea to ask little man how he wanted his room-I was simply on green and dinosaurs well…….
we now have a green wall for dinosaurs, a blue wall for whales, a grey wall for birds and a white wall (LB wanted black originally) for penguins.
I think B may be regretting asking!

As i type the paint is nearly all finished, LB has had a sleepover in mummy’s bed for the last couple of nights and B has been on the sofa.  Hopefully by the morning it’ll all be back to a proper bedroom just without the characters, as we haven’t had a chance to order them yet.

LB had a playdate and then a sleepover with his Auntie (who’s only 8) Nanny and Grampy which he loved. They even started the evening in a tent.
Nothing like going to bed late, eating treats, waking everyone up at stupid o’clock and telling Grampy he needed to go downstairs and sleep with the cat.

We’ve actually started playing some board games this holiday too.
He has been brought them for birthdays and Christmas over the last few years and he’s just not been interested till now.  He’s now taking turns, recognises loads of different shapes and really got to grips with them all-it’s shown me how much he’s growing up. 

There has been some wonderful sunshine to enjoy and some time chilling in my mums garden on the days she has finished work early.

As always theres nothing like some time in the Park.
LB has also been loving the ideas of picnics everywhere, so we’ve shared a few of those with some friends from postnatal and preschool which has been lovely and he has played so nicely with everyone, giving mummy some adult chat time. 

We’ve spent lots of time just chilling in our garden-LB loves to help and just wants to be weeding and planting new flowers. He’s been so happy the last few days to see the plant he brought especially for me (my favourites, lilies) have started to flower.


I enjoyed a pedicure and facial courtesy of vouchers from when I left my old job and it’s been lovely to feel the grass under my feet with pretty toes!

So when you have a hugely rainy day and you decide to crack on with the decorating, finding the aeroplanes to wave to, as Nanny and Grandad promised to wave back as they head off on holidays was a little tricky.

Putting practice with daddy-the boy is actually not bad!
Its been lovely to watch their relationship grow even more.  As LB has been spending so much time with me it has meant he has been desperate for some Daddy time.
I really should take some time rot myself when they do this, but its so lovely to watch.

We pulled down all of our baby bits from the loft so we could start getting organised and see what we may need to buy for Plum.  Sorting through all LBs old baby bits was so overwhelming to think how little he once was and the outfit we had brought him home in the hospital from etc and I definitely fell in love with some bits and pieces all over again.

We’ve also had some fun with snapchat filters.
I’m absolutely rubbish on snapchat and hardly use it
but the filters certainly kept us entertained on numerous slow mornings.

BBQs, BBQs and more BBQs, we’ve had chicken, sausages, burgers, kebabs
and so many scrummy salads.

Family time has been great!
We haven’t managed to get out and about much together but just pottering around the house and garden has been wonderful.

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

I’m linking up with Katie over at MummyDaddyMe for this weeks Ordinary Moments

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments #36 The Rest of our Summer

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Aw I love these little updates you do. It sounds like it has been a lovely summer and you have been really busy. I bet her can’t wait to see and sleep in his new room. And sounds like you are getting sorted for baby, I got emotional too when I got the girls stuff down from the loft. I had to give most of it to charity when we found out we were having our baby boy, but I did keep a few bits for their memory boxes. x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It has been busy but chilled and enjoyed some time together at home rather than running in and out which is the norm! It’s been nice not to be tag teaming each other. He was very excited this morning though there are a lot more finishing touches to sort before it looks completely ready! We have a ton of boys stuff just sat in a box waiting as we don’t know what we are having I’ve just prepped the neutral stuff so far-it’s all so cute though x


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