Salads, the baby’s nursery and Autumn TV #LittleLoves #36

Hello Hello, it’s another Friday and another Little Loves post!

It’s the beginning of September and therefore technically Autumn and the last one of the summer holidays. Every week I wonder how on earth we are back at Friday but here we are…..

This weeks little loves are salads, the baby’s nursery and Autumn TV.


Very little this week I must admit! I downloaded The Girl on The Train but haven’t started it yet. I always find it hard after one book to get into another.

I’ve been feeling a little bit brain fried and overwhelmed this week. More midwife/hospital appointments, the dreaded yet very much needed end to the summer holidays, the baby preperations, business ideas and general day to day toddler tantrums and this quote made me smile and lie down-lol!!


I watched GBBO and drooled over the Viennese whirls which are one of my faves. Gutted I can’t devour a packet but another thing to add to my must eat/drink/do list when baby is out!

I’m not one to watch much tv funnily enough and I always seem to miss out on the series or films everyone is raving about, usually because I’m out working late or I’m on the laptop instead.  However there are a couple of things I am looking forward to seeing this weekend. The Strictly Come Dancing launch and Poldark. Two things I really got into last year and make me think now of the cosy nights ahead and lead up to Christmas (ok I know too early to mention the C word).


Apart from Justin’s Timberlakes ‘I’ve got the feeling’ which LB demands nearly every car journey I have enjoyed listening to some of the vocals from our summer show as parts of the DVD are ready. The harmonies my students got into Only the Good Die Young from We will Rock You were simply stunning!!


It’s been all about the salads this week. I made a retro salad from Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food book which reminded me of a Harvester Salad Cart (I worked there as a teenager). Sweet corn, prawns, cress, pasta, carrot the lot….it was rather lovely!

We also had a child free Friday night last week as LB had a play date and sleepover with his Auntie, Nanny M and Grampy. So me and B had steak and 2 of our fave salads. Spinach, watercress, rocket mix with strawberries, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar and tomatoes and chorizo with parsley, white wine vinegar, garlic and they are just so gorgeous! In fact we made a second batch the next day! 


I have nothing, so I’m clutching at straws with flower halos and hysterical make up from the snapchat filters. They’ve kept LB entertained for sure!

And Lastly

Over the bank holiday weekend we started on the baby’s nursery. In amongst B working and a few bits and pieces it didn’t get finished unfortunately but it’s painted and we have got bits down from the loft etc. It has meant the rest of the house looks like a bombs gone off but I am so glad we have finally started. My lovely father in law is heading to ikea to grab a few bits for us today so hopefully we can do a bit more this weekend.

We also started to think about LBs room too as we are going to move some of his furniture into babies nursery and mix things about so we don’t have to buy too much.  He has decided it needs to be dinosaurs and whales, Great combination hey -lol!!

I’m linking up with coffeeworksleeprepeat for this weeks #littleloves

8 thoughts on “Salads, the baby’s nursery and Autumn TV #LittleLoves #36

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Loving the look of that strawberry salad, yum!
    GBBO is fab isn’t it? I know just what you mean about associating certain TV programmes with autumn and winter cosy nights, I feel the same way.
    Hope you’ve had a good week xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Salads are great, I love the simple ones that just have soooo much flavour! Thank you and have a great weekend yourself-relax? Nope more decorating and organising but at least although hard work it’s quite fun especially the end result! X


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