Me and Mine Project – August 

Wow another month is over!
August where did you go?
The summer holidays are over in a matter of days and although I have loved having this chance to spend at home and enjoy my boys, I am looking forward to the routine and LB being back at preschool as I haven’t been as productive as I like and I have a lot of stuff, work and baby related to get sorted in only a matter of weeks.
We are now another month closer to being a family of 4 rather than 3.
There is a possibility that this may be the last ‘me and mine’ before baby arrives with a due date of 7th October and constant discussion over whether they will induce me between 38-40 weeks its a bit daunting but so exciting.

August has been a month of chill time with my boys.
It has included days out with friends and family, cuddles on the sofa,
football in the garden, puzzles and board games,
park play and BBQ’s.

This months photo was of course as always a last minute number and an iPhone selfie as we don’t have a camera with a timer.
To be honest we really haven’t been out and about as a family very much as B has had to work, even at weekends (including bank holiday) so this one was taken while we were cooking a BBQ and pottering around weeding in the garden.

Mummy is loving

Days spent with LB with no time restrictions for heading off to work

The fact that our due date is even closer now

Catching up with friends and family

Evenings at home to chat with B, read, watch TV and blog

Feeling Baby move around even more so feeling more of a connection

Daddy is loving 

Pottering around in the garden

Finishing painting the nursery as mummy has now stopped nagging him

A day of golf with his best friend who he hasn’t seen in a long time

Being busy at work which means less financial stress

Doing numbers and letters with LB on his new easel

Little B is loving

Slow motion videos of hot wheels cars being launched


Picnics with anybody who’ll join us

Ice cream

Football with Daddy


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