GBBO, baby bits and my sunnies #LittleLoves #35

Happy Bank Holiday Friday everyone!!! Woohoo-long weekend.

If only that was meant for all of us as annoyingly even though we are supposed to be cracking on with baby’s nursery and spending time as a family this weekend, B now has to work Saturday and Monday. Rubbish!

This weeks little loves are GBBO, baby bits and my sunnies.


I’ve enjoyed my last two books so much I haven’t been able to bring myself to start another this week. So it’s been all about the Mothercare and other baby mags as I seem to be nesting. Lots of tidying and organising has been occurring and not a lot of sitting-not great for my back.


Baby names galore! My whole family have been trying to help with the huge choices – we have had a giggle over some, disagreed on others, unfortunately no more added to the tiny list. We have even been face timing cousins in Bali – it’s a complete family affair.


Of course GBBO despite being something I’ve never watched before . I normally catch a few bits of episodes but I normally work late on a Wednesday. Probably not the best thing to watch with gestational diabetes when seriously all I wanted to do was devour a packet of Jaffa cakes.

I’ve also been watching my bump get bigger by the day I swear. I’m 34 weeks today and I think this week has been the hardest so far! Come on baby please be nice to me for the next few weeks.


Ok I can’t really take credit. Why do I remember to photograph Bs creations and not my own.

Pork escalope with a salsa verde and scrummy potato salad mmmmmm


My sunnies and sun cream! I love it when the sun comes out to play but have been finding it a bit more uncomfortable being this big this year. The humidity has me feeling a bit funny I must admit-it’s not common for me to wish the heat away!

And Lastly

We finally got some baby bits done. Yey!! I ordered the pram and car seat and have sorted the junk room ready for boxes to go in the loft etc. Oh and the paint is purchased now to actually try and get nursery done. We also need to get LBs baby bits down from the loft so I can start feeling less worried about this baby arriving with nothing ready for it!

I hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday weekend and last week before schools start back over here!

I’m linking up with coffeeworksleeprepeat for this weeks #littleloves

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