The Antenatal Group, Stick Man Trail and Lasagne #LittleLoves #34

Wow the end of another week and another closer to the start of term. I have been seriously unproductive this week and I can tell in my mood! I always feel so guilty and demotivated when I’m unproductive. When I stop procrastinating and get on with it I tend to feel so much better! It’s kick up the butt time I think-I’m hoping the apparent rain will get me motivated to get stuff done this weekend!

This weeks little loves are The Antenatal Group, Stick Man Trail and Lasagne.


I read The Antenatal Group by Amy Bently in 4 days. I couldn’t believe it! To be honest most of it in one evening, which finished at 2 am. Unheard of for me (well mummy me anyway) but I had had 12 hours sleep the night before (yes you heard me right-I went to bed in a strip at 7.30pm-lol). It was such an easy read especially as I could relate right now to everything going on. I had told myself I’d wanted to finish it before baby got here and did so much better. I’ve just downloaded The Girl on A Train onto my kindle as everyone says it’s great.


I went out for the day with my sister and she was playing loads of music in the car that had us and the kids singing and dancing along. Although I listen to music it tends to mainly be at work now and I’m so behind with anything new, but we had it blaring and it was fab!


As LB and his cousins enjoyed the stick man trail at Wendover Woods. We followed our activity pack as we tried to find all the different characters, did everything the boards told us, climbed inside the dens and found the Gruffalo at the end!


LB donned his swim shorts down at the river last Friday where we spent a lovely day with my in laws! I wrote more about the day here but it was so lovely to chill out in the sun and watch LB paddling, fishing and waving at the boats.


Lasagne. It’s one of our all time favourites including LB who devours it every time but for some reason I don’t make it that often! I was so pleased I did this week.

I also did a pork stir fry which unfortunately didn’t go down quite as well with LB but I loved it.

And Lastly 

This seems to be my quote of the week. I keep trying to get things sorted and tidy and within what feels like a matter of minutes it’s a mess again. I just think that as a family we’re really pretty crap at staying on top of it all, but when it comes to mess I always think-well there’s always tomorrow!

Im linking up with Morgana and some other lovely bloggers for this weeks #Littleloves

10 thoughts on “The Antenatal Group, Stick Man Trail and Lasagne #LittleLoves #34

  1. theladybirdsadventures says:

    Very jealous of 12 hours sleep! Make the most of it while you can. Sounds like you’ve had some nice days out. We enjoy the julia donaldson trails when we visit (our nearest is an hour away). Love the look of your lasagna and stir fry.


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    We have a Gruffalo trail in our local woods and its always great fun hunting out him and his friends! Totally love that quote!! Hahaha! Have a wonderful weekend. Popping over from #LittleLoves xx


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