Ordinary Moments #33 A Day At the River

On Friday the weather was supposed to be lovely so B’s parents said to drop LB off and they’d take him down to Hurley Riverside Park which he calls ‘going on an adventure’. When they have him during the week, which they have done 3 days since I returned to work almost 3 years ago this has been a regular haunt of their’s.

On Thursday night my mother in law text and said if you or B want to join us then do!
My head said no drop LB off and get on with some work, or sorting baby’s room, or one of the many things on the to do list,
but on Friday morning B said please go and just chill will you!

So I did! And I am so pleased I did!
It brought back memories of when I was a child down the river with family and friends and funnily enough as this is very close to B’s nans caravan (though miles from where B grew up in Acton) we were probably down there at the same time when we were kids.
Though at almost 7 years older than me, I don’t think he’d have been interested-lol!

They packed up their car with deck chairs and games for LB (a football, bucket, fishing net, sticky pads and balls), a BBQ and a stack of food!
Honestly I sat on my butt and did a little bit of work on my phone, read some of my book and watched as LB paddled, played with nanny and stuffed his face with melon.

We fed the ducks and watched as the boats went by which LB loves as they create mini waves. He waved at the people on the boats as they went by and watched as a couple kayaked out of the little bay we were parked up by.

It was so lovely to watch and be part of something he usually just shares with his nanny and grandad. He was completely in his element and chilled out.

He cracked me up as I’ve really noticed recently how grown up he seems.
His language seems to to have done a crazy jump again in the last few weeks, he seems so much more capable and is a right bossy boots.
He told a man off for not closing the gate on the way to the toilet and got cross when he found rubbish on the floor while we were out-all things his nanny has taught him not to do!

The only time he wanted me over his grandparents was when he fell over but a quick kiss of the hand and he was off again.  Other than that he wanted to play with Nanny or go fishing with Grandad and its just so wonderful to see the bond he has built up with them and to see the love between them all.

It was a completely impromptu day, sometimes the best ones are!
I have no idea where the time had gone when they started to pack up.
I honestly could have stayed there all evening.

Nanny went swimming in the river to cool off, she was organised with her swimming cossie but LB wouldn’t do anything more than sit on the edge and dip his feet in.
I stood in the little bay and paddled while holding up the trousers, my bump looks like a total eclipse here.  I even got my pins out to try and get some sun on them, throughout the day. Seriously the difference in colour from my arms and face to my legs is crazy!
The wind down by the river meant the weather wasn’t unbearable and it was so relaxing.
I really had a wonderful day!

The loveliest thing is LB wanted to hold my hand the whole way home!
He is loving spending more time with me at the minute and it’s really lovely to feel I can give him that right now-I love the Summer Holidays.

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7 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments #33 A Day At the River

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    Ah it sounds like the most lovely day Gem. Those impromptu days often are, and look at the sun shining! It looks lovely. It must have been lovely to watch him with his grandparents, he sounds very lucky indeed to have them. Glad you decided to chill out instead of work or sort stuff, I need to do this myself more often too. x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It really was Katie I am so glad I took the time out as I’ve been getting very stressed and emotional recently! He is vey lucky-completely spoilt too, bless him! Yes make sure you do-I am generally useless at chilling out when here is so much to do but it did me the world of good 😄 x


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Oh this looks Idyllic..Totally agree, unplanned days like this ALWAYS turns out to be the best! xxx Popping over from #Ordinarymoments


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