Baby Scans, Olympics & My Invisible Crown #LittleLoves #33

Happy Friday everyone!

I can’t believe another week has flown by. This one has been a week of getting stuff ticked off the do list, midwife appointments and scans, playtime at the park, meeting friends and spending time with family! It’s been pretty non stop but really lovely.

This weeks little loves are baby scans, the Olympics and my invisible crown! 


I finally started my new book my mother in law bought me while waiting for my growth scan yesterday. Due to my gestational diabetes I have to have regular scans to check growth of baby from now until the birth. At 4lb 12 0z roughly already I don’t think it needs to stay in there too much longer does it?! First few chapters have been pretty good so we shall see how it goes. Mission to complete before baby arrives.  With my speed of reading that could be an issue!


Not a lot bar the Olympics really. Me and B have spent a lot of time chatting and organising in the evenings this week and have been watching the gymnastics, diving and cycling while we discuss everything we need to get sorted. We’ve been pretty glued to it and it’s always great to see how well team GB do.

I’ve also watched my tummy contort into lots of crazy shapes-it’s pretty amazing what your body can do hey?!

Me and LB also watched the Good Dinosaur for the first time this week as it happened to be on Sky Cinema for the week. We loved it! I think Arlo is a new fave of mine!


Baby’s heartbeat again at the scan and midwife appointment! It’s such a beautiful sound and one that makes you sigh a breath of calm as you know everything is still ok in there. Also once baby is here it’s not something you really hear again so now it’s a great connection, like the kicks and wriggles.


The most of some sunshine in the garden last Sunday on my first day off. We played cars with a huge ramp off the football goal, videoing them in slow motion as they whizzed down the ramp and launched off the end! 

B made this Chicken Chaceur over the weekend and although it was lovely, he didn’t think it was worth the amount of hassle, so not sure he’ll do it agin. He’d seen it done on Saturday kitchen and fancied it. 
I then made a mess!! Ha I seem to be good at that. We have so much junk in our house and with needing to sort our main junk room out to create space for the baby.  I started on my wardrobe and then a few hours later wished I hadn’t started.


I took this photo before we went to meet my friends baby on Tuesday and oh my god does my baby look grown up! His ripped jeans he got passed down from his cousin and a Ted baker jumper and he’s now passed that toddler stage and it made me feel really nostalgic and sad. He’s a proper Litte boy now!

Of course I wore my invisible crown as I nailed a productive day of paperwork and jobs on Monday while LB played with nanny!

And Lastly

Me and B went out for our anniversary meal (finally only a few weeks late) last night! My cousin came over to babysit and LB was a dream going to bed for her I couldn’t believe it.

We went to Bills where we indulged in a three course meal (and somehow my blood sugar levels still came up well within range).  Breaded Halloumi sticks, se bass with potato rosti and avocado, strawberry pavlova, jasmine and hibiscus cocktail and a latte! Absolutely fabulous service and food and somewhere we will certainly return to!

It was really lovely to get out just the two of us-we had a complete giggle although it was only a few hours! I realised how much I missed that connection with my husband as we spend so much time talking kids and work at home. Something we really must do more often!

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6 thoughts on “Baby Scans, Olympics & My Invisible Crown #LittleLoves #33

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It was really scrummy and certainly somewhere we’d go back to. We really don’t make enough effort to go out and enjoy each other’s company but I agree it’s so important and we’re not going to have the chance again for a while-eek!! X


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