Summer Manifesto

As my first official day of the Summer Holidays I wanted to put together a summer manifesto of things/places I would like to Go, Visit, See, Try, Do, Make, Eat and Work.

Something I’ve seen a few people do on Instagram and as I love a good list it seemed perfect! 


  1. To the park lots
  2. For dinner with B
  3. Somewhere new
  4. Out each day
  5. Through photos and get some favourites printed for the walls


  1. A library
  2. Grandparents
  3. Wendover Woods for the Stick Man Trail
  4. Odds Farm
  5. Friends


  1. The best in things
  2. What I can achieve without beating myself up to do more
  3. How big my bump gets over the next few weeks
  4. My baby again as I have more scans booked in
  5. My hubby a bit more. When I’m working evenings we spend a lot of time passing each other and it’ll be nice to spend some quality time together.


  1. To finish the nursery
  2. To relax
  3. To get ‘baby ready’
  4. A new recipe
  5. Not to spend a fortune


  1. Read a whole book
  2. Watch a new film
  3. Have a big BBQ with family/friends
  4. Some arts and crafts with LB
  5. Clear out our wardrobes/cupboards to create more space


  1. The most of my time with LB
  2. Time for blogging
  3. My planner pretty
  4. A cake (minimal sugar)
  5. Some space-our house is full of clutter and we need to get it under control


  1. BBQs
  2. Salads
  3. More fish
  4. Well to control my gestational Diabetes
  5. Drink more water


  1. Modules 1-7 of my course (at least)
  2. Systems in place
  3. New student list
  4. Exam sessions booked
  5. Maternity cover sorted

Now to have some fun and not beat myself up if I don’t get through it all! It’s all about relaxing and taking some time out with my family and friends!

Happy Summer Everyone-now we just need some sun!!

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