A New Book, Pork Chow Mein & our Summer School Show #LittleLoves #32

Hello Friday!!

Its been a long week I’m afraid.
Its been the final week of this years Summer School (show is tomorrow) which has had its ups and downs (mainly ups thank goodness) as I’ve also had flu like symptoms, way too many hospital appointments, a temperamental toddler and the house is a complete pigsty.

Its been one of those weeks, which has just been a little too overwhelming, with so much to do and so little energy, so i’m feeling quite behind and already procrastinating over the catching up part.

This weeks little Loves are A New Book, Pork Chow Mein and our Summer School Show


Ok I haven’t officially started it as yet but my mother in law found this book in a charity shop (seriously she is the queen of charity shops) and thought it might be some light reading for me over the next few weeks.
We shall see!
As i am currently bookless i need to find the time to get started again but possibly won’t be until after the show tomorrow.


The frustrating news that my GTT (Gestational Diabetes) test
from last Friday had come up positive.
This obviously wasn’t the news i’d wanted, i certainly haven’t scoffed enough chocolate, cake and ice cream that this whole eating for two thing deserves and now i can’t!!

My blood sugar level monitor is my new best friend and i have to prick my finger 3 times a day and be closely monitored, including frequent scans and clinics between now and baby arriving (only 9 weeks to go).
Going on a diet now was certainly not what i wanted to be doing.


My students pull together an amazing show for Saturday.
It has been a hard slog for them and us as teachers (though i must say this year I’ve been allowed a back seat as some graduate students have taken over for me so i can chill a bit).
I would not have got through the last two weeks without them as my hips have been killing, I’m struggling to sleep and feeling flu like too-God Ive been falling apart.
Unfortunately I can’t share any of the pictures or videos here but i am so proud!


A Pork Chow Mein from The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure book.
I’ve done it before and its so good
– so much better than a take away, unfortunately a little more effort!


The same old maternity clothes I’m afraid!
I can’t wait to put something a little more exciting in this category.
Unfortunately i haven’t had the funds to go and get any nice maternity wear like i have seen on some of the lovely new mummy bloggers I follow
and am feeling extremely unglamorous because of that.
I’m literally washing and rotating the same few outfits!

And Lastly

I’ve got so behind on blogging (i have a list of posts to write/finish writing), reading blogs (sorry guys), my business admin, baby prep, household paperwork, housework the whole shebang really and have been procrastinating heavily with a new game on my phone that i blame my friend Sam for introducing me to.
Dots and Co you stupidly addictive fabulous game!

Thanks for reading and for all you fellow bloggers that link up with Morgana,
i will try my best to get over to your posts again this week,
thank you for popping over here, i really appreciate it.


8 thoughts on “A New Book, Pork Chow Mein & our Summer School Show #LittleLoves #32

  1. Steph says:

    I’m so sorry about the Gestational Diabetes. That is totally sucky. I’m sure you can buy special chocolate for diabetics though? I might be wrong… Hope you’ve had a good week xx


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about the G-D test coming back positive! I have it with my first but it went undetected! I am ashamed at how much I ate!! Hopefully once baby is here it will all be fine and you won’t have to check your sugar levels! I am with you on the blogging front! I am so behind, I don’t think I will ever catch up! Have a wonderful weekend xx


  3. Memeandharri says:

    Ah lovely sorry its not been a great week for you – but not long left the end is in sight for you!!!

    I am the same with maternity clothes I never have any money to buy any nice clothes and Instagram can be a pain watching all these yummy mummys looking amazing!!!

    I hope you manage to get some rest this weekend xxx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s been a pain but we’ll get there-just keep pushing through! Yep maternity clothes can look amazing or vey plain and I’m feeling plain but hey like you say not long to go now! Thank you and have a good weekend yourself x


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