Me and Mine 2016 – July

The end of July wow!

Another month closer to another little one joining this family!

Only two more ‘me and mine’ and we’ll be trying to squeeze a baby into the picture too, it seems crazy but I can’t wait! 

We actually managed to get this photo early in July-there’s a first for everything! Usually it’s the last day and I’m begging them both to get in the picture. LB did all the work for me this time-he climbed on daddy’s lap In the garden one day and asked for a picture and then told me I needed to take one of all of us. I think he’s starting to get that mummy loves taking a picture!

Things we’ve been loving in July


  • Feeling Baby Plum moving around more and more
  • The start of the summer holidays and the sun starting to shine
  • Reading a whole book in a few weeks
  • Performing in a dance show at 26 weeks pregnant
  • Snapchat filters


  • Feeling better after a flu virus
  • Getting the BBQ going
  • Finishing off the last little bits to make the garden complete
  • Mummy being at home more now the holidays have started
  • Sitting in the garden reading his book each night


  • Splashing around in the paddling pool
  • Sports Day at Preschool
  • The village scarecrow competition
  • Giving kisses and cuddles to the baby bump
  • Fun in the park

I’m linking up with dear beautiful for the lovely family linky #meandmineproject

2 thoughts on “Me and Mine 2016 – July

  1. Carie says:

    Sounds like it’s been a lovely month for you – and I’m wildly impressed at performing in a dance show at 26 weeks!!


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