New books, Sunshine, Friends & Family #LittleLoves #30

First week of summer holidays done, I mean seriously, time flies when you are having fun!

We’ve seen friends, had the most amazing weather and even relaxed at home.

This weeks little loves are New books, Sunshine, Friends and Family


I have been making my way through Jojo Moyes ‘After You’ which although i have just heard there are mixed reviews about i am really enjoying.  Its easy reading, yes its a hard act to follow when the sequel of a beautiful gut wrencher, but every time i tell myself i’ll stop after this chapter, I’ve been reading another and for me thats impressive, usually I’m asleep in minutes.

I have also got this new book for my business.
I have been following Clint Salter on Social Media for a while and its his course I’m desperately trying to find the time to complete, so i can get my Dance School to the next level and completely under control.
I am excited to read it and get some new ideas and motivation.



With it being our 5th Wedding Anniversary yesterday we had a little listen to some of our songs from the day. I can’t believe so long has passed already and it made me emotional remembering how special the day was.

Me Walking up the Aisle
Michelle Featherstone – We are Man and Wife

Walking back up the Aisle  together
Bruno Mars-Just the Way You Are

And our first dance
Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You


LB enjoy some time in the paddling pool.
He’s loved having it out and an impromptu visit from my sister and niece on Tuesday saw the kids, splashing, giggling and having a whale of a time together in the scorching heat.
Though naked, so this was the only appropriate picture this time-lol!



We had friends up from Exeter on Saturday for a BBQ.
I made rocket, strawberry and pine nut salad and my classic Greek Salad,
while B cooked the most beautiful T-Bone steaks.

It was wonderful to catch up with them and then on Sunday we left the boys at home while the ladies went and had lunch with another couple of friends to chat girlie stuff!
The sun was shining and i was only a little gutted i wasn’t downing a cold Pimms.



LB finally fits into his Chelsea flip flops that his Nanny got him when he was born.
She had found some lovely bits in a charity shop when he was tiny and had come back with these.  We giggled as they looked so huge, i thought he’d be nearly 6yrs old before he was in them but nope they fit-walking is a slight issue though.


And Lastly

This weekend was the first in about 7 weeks that we’ve spent time together as a family and i have not been working non stop.  I went out to a students exam on Sunday morning but apart from that it was all about my little family and friends.
I felt blessed, relaxed and carefree for the first time in ages.



I’m linking up with Morgana and all the other lovely bloggers for this weeks #LittleLoves


6 thoughts on “New books, Sunshine, Friends & Family #LittleLoves #30

  1. Steph says:

    Those salads look delicious! We haven’t had our paddling pool out since that spot of good weather earlier in the year. I offered on Tuesday but the poor lad had had enough of the sunshine and just wanted to chill out indoors! Enjoy your weekend x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you they really were and ones I will keep pulling out through the summer! We pulled it out in May for a few days but it’s been fab to have out this week-I must admit we’ve spent quite a lot of time indoors too (which is fine with me this year-I usually love the sun but pregnancy doesn’t suit it much) have a good weekend X


  2. coffeeworksleep says:

    You can’t beat splashing in a paddling pool this time of year! I really must get the girls a new one, sadly theirs didn’t survive a winter in our garage, oops.
    So pleased you’re getting some lovely quality family time after being so busy. Enjoy the weekend lovely xx


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