Ordinary Moments 2016 #29 Sports Day

Last Thursday was LB’s first Sports Day. There we were hitting another milestone-Man they just keep coming!

It was the end of his first term of preschool, which has whizzed by. He really has loved every minute, he’s made some lovely little friends, come home with so much artwork and already seems to have come on leaps and bounds with his understanding. His learning journal was so cute and it was lovely to see pictures of his activities and also hear that he is the polite, helpful little boy I know he can be, as well as quite bright too at certain things.

This sports day felt like the first time he was out there doing his thing without me, where I was there on the outskirts looking in and it was emotional! My little boy is growing up and it’s so strange.

He seemed a little nervous at the beginning, I suppose it was quite overwhelming with so many kids and parents around but after the first race he was off and having a whale of a time.

He was in five races-running, jumping, spider (crawling on hands and feet), balancing a beanbag on his head and a potato and spoon (safer than an egg I guess).
He was a complete cheat and had me cackling with laughter and at first embarrassment! He won nearly every race because he only did the first two metres correctly before running to the end, crossing the finishing line and announcing he’d won and was ready for his sticker! He was so proud of himself. Me and one of the preschool assistants were laughing our heads off at the finish line-she reckons he’ll go far and wondered who he took after me or his dad! Ummmmmmmm………

He was so proud of his medal and all his stickers-bless him! I videoed the races and sent them to B , all you can hear is me cackling and cheering him on and they are so funny to look back on. Unfortunately I can’t put them on here due to other children, but they are definitely something I’ll cherish!

His little friend did it all meticulously with a big proud grin on his face (even though he did come nearly last) he was fabulous, I just can’t believe my little man was the cheat-cheekily he got a high five from Daddy when we told him!

While we were there so many of the parents asked what school he was going to in September. I said he wasn’t even 3.5 yet and wouldn’t be going till next year, they couldn’t believe it. He’s so tall in comparison to so many of the children and I think people expect a lot more of him because of it! Sometimes even me!

I was just happy he had had such a good time. ┬áNext year maybe he’ll understand it all a little bit more-the question is will he still cheat?

I’m linking up with Katie at MummyDaddyMe for this weeks Ordinary Moments X

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