Little Loves #28

Another crazy week under our belts and this one has been a little less work
and a little more fun – i think!!!
Today is my little sisters 30th birthday and she had a big party on Saturday.
Unfortunately i couldn’t join in the prosecco drinking but it was definitely a giggle.
Then on Sunday i performed in my old dance schools show with my niece,which was fab! I’m certainly looking forward to some downtime in a couple of weeks but for now just pushing through the last bit of crazy till the summer holidays!

This weeks little loves are pulled pork rolls, dance shows and sunshine.


As we all know my reading list is huge but the actual reading is not going too well at the minute, however i do keep finding little quotes to keep me going when I’m struggling.

I’m always trying to do everything at once, thinking my life needs a massive overhaul or i need to change so much but this quote just hit the nail on the head.
Just keep adding good stuff!


This song was the finale in our show on Sunday
and completely gets me boogying everytime!

Justin Timberlake-Can’t Stop the Feeling!


I really haven’t had the chance to sit in front of the TV this week especially being out Friday night at rehearsals, Saturday at sisters party and Sunday at the show.

The best thing I’ve seen this week has to be my niece grinning away on the stage at our big local theatre in her first dance show.  She was only 3 in April and although she got pretty tired throughout the day, she was just so cute wiggling her butt on the stage!


Ok Ok I can’t really take credit for this personally, but this was probably better than my pork chow mein and sausage risotto I’ve made this week.
On Monday, B and LB made homemade bread rolls for pulled pork and BBQ sauce.



You ready for a giggle?!?!

26 week pregnant lady in a tutu!!
Red Lippy, Extra bronzed and glitter galore and i bloody love it.

And Lastly

The sun has shone! Yippee!

Its meant alfresco lunches, time spent in the garden and at the park.
Yesterday i even got a little bit tanned and have very clear strap lines-I love Summer!

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10 thoughts on “Little Loves #28

  1. theladybirdsadventures says:

    those bread rolls look delicious. Glad you have had a fun week.You look great in your tutu. I’m the same with reading. I can’t stop adding books to my list even though I’ve not read more than 3 books a year since my eldest was born.


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