Me and Mine Project – June 2016

I’m not sure why but taking a photo of all three of us seems to be impossible.
Selfies of me and LB and captured moments of B and LB are common,  as well as photos of every living thing, food item and colour known to man, but Family, not so much.
Why is that?

I get to the end of the month and I’ve either completely forgotten, had no opportunity or just about manage to grab us all together for a selfie in the kitchen.
I find it quite sad that we don’t find this opportunity easy, as I think its such a wonderful photo to take.

Every month we change and grow, LB particularly (and me currently).
It has come to my mind recently that its not going to be much longer before we are no longer a family of three and you know what? there really aren’t enough pictures of the three of us together.
Don’t get me wrong i’ve done a pretty damn good job of documenting life in general, just apparently not with us all in the pictures-lol!

3 more months of being a family of 3 before another little one springs into our lives and changes the dynamics once again. They are going to be some interesting photos and ones I so desperately want to ensure i capture.

Anyway onto June for us as a family.  Its been a real mix for us.

B has been busy at work (which is great when you are self employed), yet hanging around waiting for thousands of pounds worth of money which has left us struggling financially while we wait.  This has caused plenty of stress and upset.  He’s also been poorly with a horrible cough and aches and pains which has seen him coming home and going to bed. And come on we all know what men are like when ill!
However he has been enjoying some time in the garden pottering with his plants and new feature wall, as well as  making ramps for cars with Little B,  playing football and filling the Euros sticker book out.
We’ve also managed some lovely evening meals together, chatting about our lives when the baby comes and how we might decorate the nursery etc which has been great.

LB is going through a bad sleeping patch, not helped by removing the dummy admittedly, but he doesn’t seem to give in to sleep until at least 9.30pm, then up at 6.30am.
I’m sure i need more sleep than that.
He has been enjoying preschool though and his language seems to have taken another massive leap.  He comes home each day telling me little stories of what him and his friends have been up to and its so lovely to hear, though i’m being reminded constantly of how grown up he seems to be getting at only 3.5yrs old.

And me well, I’ve been feeling exhausted and stressed out by everything.
Finding it hard to get motivated or when i am, find the time to be productive.
However a new notebook this week and a little burst of energy got me thinking of ways to improve my business.  I am always happier when i am productive and being stationary mad something pretty helps along the way.  I’ve also been enjoying feeling Baby moving around a lot more.  I can finally feel kicks somewhere other than on my bladder which is wonderful and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long till B can feel it too.

All in all however much i have tried to remain positive, June has been pretty stressful and I think our picture completely showcases it.
It made me chuckle as this is seriously the only picture i managed of all 3 of us and as you can see technically B isn’t really in it (well the back of his head is).

The funny thing is though I love it.
It completely tells our tale this month and after missing some months out this year,
I am just grateful that I’ve got something.

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