Little Loves #26

Another week has flown by and we are a step closer to the Summer Holidays!
I must admit to slowly switching off for this break already, even though i really don’t have the time to.   There’s so much to do before i finish work in 3 weeks (festivals, town show, panto auditions on top of the norm) and then officially for summer/maternity leave
(well as officially as you can when running your own business) on 7th August.

This weeks little loves are Greek Salad, Festival Dances and Early Nights.


Me and B have gone to bed early a few nights to read our books this week-Man I feel old! So am slowly getting through The girl with the spiders web though I tend to fall asleep way too quickly so like I said it’s a slow process.

Facebook has been full of everyone letting us know their point of you on the EU referendum yesterday. I am not one to get involved but have spent some time reading each piece. I voted yesterday and put a big cross in one of the boxes!!


Giggling students! I don’t know if it’s the looming summer holidays, the humidity or just teenagers, but they have all started to loose the plot this week in classes. 3 more weeks to get through and then our summer school, I wonder if we’ll gain any focus or its just going to get worse?


More festival dances! Last weekend was once again filled with our local dance competition with our trio and troupe performing. This weekend is for more troupes and solos before it all comes to an end for another year!
Then to focus on town festival and panto auditions all before we break up,
oh and me in a show-eek! Yes the crazy lady is dancing in a show at 26 + weeks pregnant.


My favourite Greek salad for a Fathers Day BBQ at ours on Sunday.


Man I have not been able to decide.
Obviously my wardrobe choices are a bit limited at 25 weeks pregnant but the humidity and thunderstorms are certainly making it hard to work out!

And Lastly

We’ve been having some bedtime issues with this little monkey,  Its been 9pm if not later before he’s settled each night.
We have been trying to remove the dummy, which is easier said than done obviously and he seems to think he doesn’t need sleep. We’ve tried putting him to bed earlier, laying with him, letting him sleep in our bed, tough love and its so tough.

He’s being so loving towards the baby now too.
He wants to give it kisses, cuddles and snuggles, he says he’ll share his bed so we don’t have to sort out a nursery and that he’ll share his toys and can’t wait to play with it.
I’m seeing such a grown up little boy coming out in him now and its beautiful and scary!

I’m linking up with CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat for this weeks Little Loves.


5 thoughts on “Little Loves #26

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Oh man, I don’t envy teachers of any kind this year, The kids are all so easily distracted, even my E’s been told off for interrupting and distracting other children by talking, oops!
    That picture of B and your bump is just so cute xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s tough I must admit and I don’t think the weather helps. I’m exhausted and definitely ready for the holidays though as a parent that also makes my life harder in another way! Oh man 🙈 come on sunshine come back you always make things seem better! Thank you I thought it was pretty cute x


  2. Steph says:

    Try not to stress about the dummy – he might not be quite ready to give it up. That Greek Salad looks amazing. Here’s hoping the weather decides what it’s doing soon! x


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