Little Loves 2016 #25

What a week!!

Anyone ready for the summer holidays?! Ha I know, I know still 4 weeks to go (5 for some schools) but this week has felt a bit tough! I’ve not been feeling myself and it’s been hard to get myself motivated and out of a little rut! I haven’t taken many photos or been looking at the positive but this post will certainly find something!

This weeks little loves are Peonies, Chocolate and the Euros.


I’m slacking on this topic big style! Apart from social media (and that’s certainly nothing to brag about) there’s not a lot going in my head right now! I keep thinking of picking up my book or catching up on blog posts and all of a sudden I’m in bed and a whole week has gone again! (By the way I wish I had actually managed to sleep that long. 24 weeks pregnant means uncomfortable nights sleep!


While cleaning the bathroom (I know such fun)  I had on a pop ballads playlist on Spotify and one of Gwen Stefani’s new songs Misery came on. I’ve always loved her especially in the times of No Doubt and I did feel myself bopping along as I scrubbed the loo-Hahahaha!


The Euros have taken over our house completely. Every match on the TV, the sticker book being completed and the wall chart filled out. Was very happy England won yesterday, I’m not sure I could have coped with the hubby if not.


Too many layers again! I mean come on weather it’s June and you’ve teased us with some really scrummy sunshine please don’t let this horrible rain continue!


Ok my pregnancy craving may be chocolate, chocolate and some more chocolates not good I know!

My mother in law gave me this recipe for a cook in a bowl easy chocolate cake they’d found and we gave it a go late on Wednesday evening! It was much bigger than we thought, definitely didn’t need one each-greedy! However it was pretty tasty or maybe that was just me shovelling it in as I needed chocolate NOW! 

And Lastly

Our beautiful peonies have started coming out in our garden and they are looking stunning the whole garden is just somewhere I want to spend all my time right now-it feels so peaceful (when LB is in bed anyway) !

I’ve been feeling a little emotional this week and have been letting everything get to me! I found this quote and thought 16 more weeks and I’ll have our little one in our arms and nothing else will matter.

Linking up with the lovely Morgana at coffeeworksleeprepeat for this weeks #LittleLoves

9 thoughts on “Little Loves 2016 #25

  1. mumreinvented says:

    Lovely quote and so true! Pregnancy isn’t always a picnic that’s for sure! Love peonies, I remember even as a kid I adored them growing up with them in my mum’s garden. That chocolate cake looks delicious – my kind of quick chocolate fix! Have a good week x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I don’t remember really experiencing the beauty of peonies until now we’re just struggling to keep them standing up-they are so heavy once the flowers come out! A quick chocolate fix is necessary permanently in our house and this was effect X


  2. Memeandharri says:

    Such a lovely quote and so true – iv never had great pregnancies but they are always worth it – stay positive lovely!

    We too are on the countdown for the summer holidays! I actually can’t believe how fast time is going!! Have a fab weekend lovely xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Generally pregnancy isn’t bad apart from the emotions which have def taken hold this week but 16 weeks seems so long to wait! Summer holidays come on you know you want to be here already 😄have a good one x


  3. coffeeworksleep says:

    Adore that quote at the end. I felt the same in both my pregnancies, I definitely wasn’t one of those ladies that loved every minute of it, I suffered with awful sciatica and felt so uncomfortable.
    Chocolate is certainly a legitimate craving. I used to say to my husband ‘Will you go to the shop please? The baby really really wants chocolate” – how could her refuse our unborn child? Hahaha
    Have a lovely weekend xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Completely worth it but a literal pain in the Arse (yes I have sciatica too) as well!! 😄 I’m glad I’m not being too bad with the chocolate then! I think my hubby would tell me where to go if I demanded it though! Maybe I need to try and see how far I can get 😜 x


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