Little Loves 2016 #24

First week back after Half Term and I’m exhausted. I needed a rest after last weeks adventure, the good news is only 5 weeks till the summer holidays but there’s so much to organise between now and then (also are the summer holidays ever really a rest when you have kids?).  So I’m trying to get my head down to some work when really what I want to do is nap.

This weeks Little Loves are the zip wire, Greek salad and Euro stickers


I haven’t had a chance to read any of my book unfortunately as have been getting back from work late! I have a long old to do list which I keep reading over and over again trying to get things ticked off.

There are lots of books I’d like to be reading myself as well as more of a course I want to get stuck into but time and energy seem to be eluding me currently.


Some lovely comments from parents thanking me for all my hard work with festival dances. It’s so wonderful when you feel appreciated for putting yourself out there and doing all you can!


My little daredevil at the park. LB can be quite cautious and knows what he can and can’t do but pushes himself if he knows I’m there to support him. We spent a morning at the park and he loves the zip wire and climbing up high.

We also have dance festivals every weekend this month and we had a great start this weekend with 2x fisst places, 2 X 3rd place and 2 X 4th places. I was a very proud teacher!

Possibly my favourite meal of souvlaki and Greek salad. Both Jamie Oliver recipes and so refreshing. They make me feel like we’re abroad.


I’m living in maternity strappy tops and loose fitting trousers and skirts in this lovely sunny weather. I love the sun but I’m worried this summer is going to be hot and getting bigger I’m going to start feeling uncomfortable.

And Lastly

The Euros start today and B is a massive football fan so I’m going to be a widow for the next month or so! I got him and LB the sticker book and they are loving adding new stickers each time. Apparently I can’t join in though, its just a daddy and Lb thing and I can only do it when I’m older!

It’s a lovely thing for them to do together and it’s great for LB to practice his numbers.

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