Little Loves 2016 #23

Wowee what a week! It’s been half term which to be honest is always greatly received in our house but this time round it also meant a little holiday for me and LB. 

We headed down to Wales with my Dad, Stepmum, Stepnan, little sister, nephew and niece and had the most fantastic, yet exhausting time at Bluestone.

This weeks little loves are Barafundle Bay, children laughing and making memories!


Very little in this section this week. I may have managed one chapter of ‘The girl in the spiders web’ but there was too much going on to really get into it.


Lots of laughter from the kids and adults to! We all had a ball enjoying plenty of activities, chilling out (kind of) and making memories.

It was so lovely to spend so much time with this little man, though he hardly wanted me it was all about Everyone else!


The kids ride their scooters and bikes, rock climb, drive 4x4s and hunt for fairies! The activities at bluestone were great-the kids imaginations were running wild and it was so lovely to see the pure joy in their faces.


So many memories. My photostream on my iphone is full of happy and messy faces! Ice creams were a daily occurrence, swimming, adventure upon adventure and such beautiful sunsets!


Shorts and t-shirts (ok not me but the flip flops and sunnies were out) and  the weather was unbelievable in Wales. I only had to put a cardigan on at about 9pm and a blanket one night to see the gorgeous sunset! I spoke to B each night and he said it was freezing and rainy all week at home. Heehee!!

And Lastly 

We took a day trip to Barafundle Bay (recommended by the lovely KA at Lifeasourlittlefamily) and wow what an amazing sight! Totally worth the moaning child on the beautiful coastal walk.

LB has had the most amazing week with his cousines, auntie and grandparents and although it’s been exhausting and im sure I need another holiday to recover, I really have enjoyed every minute.

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