Ordinary Moments 2016 #22 Family Time

As a family of 3 soon to be 4 we struggle to spend ‘quality’ time together. With one or other of us working, even through weekends we are rarely all together. 

Next week is Half Term and myself and LB are heading off to Wales in the morning to spend some time with my dad, stepmum, little sister, nephew and niece. We can’t wait for this time out but unfortunately B can’t afford to take the time off work so is staying home. We are going to miss him like mad! We have done this once before when I took LB to Disneyland in October 2014 with friends and although we had a lovely time it’s never quite the same without your other half. We face timed every night and plan on doing the same this week too, but it’s not the same as sharing everything or cuddling up next to your partner at the end of the day. It’s so important to involve him in what we do and the relationship between Daddy and Son is just too damn cute to stay away from completely for a whole 5 days. Thank god for smart phones.

Therefore this weekend has been all about chilling around the house. To be honest we haven’t really done anything together just pottered around and all been here. LB has played whilst we did more work in the garden, we had long slow mornings in bed with fry ups and pancakes for breakfast and it was simply lovely to be in the same vicinity, with no one rushing around trying to work out which one of us was in charge of LB.

I’ve always been such a busy person and it’s only really been since being pregnant this time round that I feel I have slowed down. I am feeling more and more content with what we have and not always striving for more. Yes I love my business and being busy, but it can’t rule my world!

What does rule my world is my two boys X

I’m linking up with mummydaddyme for our ordinary moments

4 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments 2016 #22 Family Time

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    I love those pottering around the house weekends, thats what we have done as well. I hope you have a lovely break in Wales, I agree we have been away a few times without my husband and it is never the same, even though you have a nice time. xx


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