Little Loves 2016 #22

At last it’s half term and man am I excited! Not just for the time off work and away from the preschool routine, but we are actually going away. Unfortunately B can’t come due to work but LB and I are off to Bluestone, Wales with my dad, stepmum, little sister, nephew and niece for some much needed time together.


I’ve not been doing great here his week but I saw this quote and it made me think about mine and B’s relationship. How it’s grown over the last 10 years, how it will change with another baby and how much he means to me. Even when he drives me mad, I couldn’t live without him, I’d be lost!


Plenty of laughter in my classes this week. I think all the kids, teenagers especially, had gone a little doolally this week. A mixture of exhaustion and holiday excitement. Also as the last term of the year the summer holidays are seeming closer all the time and I know everyone by that point is desperate for a rest. I know the half term is greatly received!


Last night I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty …….Wow!!

The whole production was just phenomenal. It had a twist as it was a gothic tale rather than the fairytale we all know, but Matthew Bourne always works outside the box. I don’t go to the theatre very often anymore unfortunately, but I love it and last night just left me awestruck!


LB usually brings home some kind of painting every day he’s at preschool (I’m starting a great collection). However this week they’ve been working on bits for the local fete in June. LB has been a bit gutted he hasn’t been able to bring that home so we’ve had to do some of our own!


A slightly bigger bump this week.  I’m now 21 weeks and it’s definitely there now! I really need a better mirror to catalogue my bump and any outfits, our little wiggly one really isn’t great!

I’ve been living in maternity leggings and strappy tops with a cardigan over the top. Comfort is the key!

And Lastly

We had our 20 week scan this week and it was really lovely to see’Plum’ again. Everything is doing well in there, apart from the fact that I have anterior placenta which means I won’t feel proper kicks probably for another 5 weeks. This is a bit disappointing as I love that part, currently I can only feel downward kicks and flutterings. Still pretty damn amazing and a lovely reminder that things are going well In there.

I’m linking up with Morgana and her fellow bloggers for our #littleloves X

12 thoughts on “Little Loves 2016 #22

  1. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Ahhh hello baby and bump. You look great hun. Love the painting I need to do more of that with my two. I say that everytime I fear messy play tho. lol Hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend. The beginning quote couldn’t be more true. #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! I’m feeling pretty good so hope that continues. I’m usually scared of messy play and leave it to preschool but every now and again I risk it! Fab chilled weekend and now at bluestone for a chilled week (I hope). That quote just spells it out perfectly X


  2. breakfastandtess says:

    I know how you are feeling about half term, and I only have to do the nursery run but this is our first half term of all mornings so it’s took a bit of getting use to.
    I love to get all of the hand drawn bits and pieces, and it’s a great way to see how they are developing. it makes me sad to get rid of some but our house would be a fire hazard if I kept them all!


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It really does take a little while to get into a routine. It is our first half term doing it too (only 3 days). Oh god at the minute I’m making a stack of stuff and feel sad of the idea of throwing it, but you can’t keep it all X


  3. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Look at your bump!!!!! So cute! Glad everything went well at the scan. The flutterings are the best aren’t they? Hopefully you feels proper kins soon. Love that quote you have used.. Have a wonderful weekend lovely xx


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