Pregnancy Week 20 (and a bit)

So today I am 20 weeks + 5 days pregnant.
I waited until today to post this, rather than on Friday, as today we had our 20 week scan. EEK!! 


I have definitely started to feel some kicks now.  Still a pretty small feeling pretty low down but it makes me smile every time.
I generally notice it later on in the day which was the same with LB, but i’m not sure if thats just when i’m paying more attention.

The fact that ive only been feeling a few little ones has been scaring me a little bit but today at the scan they discovered I have an anterior placenta, which according to the Sonographer is probably a blessing as its a complete wriggle butt!

The bump is definitely growing and its becoming more obvious now.
One of the mums at preschool said to me last week that you could see it now.
People have started to say I’m glowing, which is lovely, though i’m pretty sure that my skin is awful currently, so i’m definitely not seeing that right now.

(Definitely need a better full length mirror, as our wiggly skinny one in the bathroom does not bode well for good photos!)


I’m still having the same anxious thoughts of is everything going smoothly in there?
Is our little one staying safe and growing strong or is it fighting?
The scan today completely put my mind at rest. I know there’s still a long way to go but the Sonographer was fab and talked me through every little measurement she was doing. She asked if there was anything I wanted to check for and as I was born with a cleft palate I asked to see if they could see anything there. She zoomed in on plums little face and I could see these gorgeous lips and nose, she couldn’t see anything so fingers crossed.

I have also had a few little angry outbursts which is unlike me-i think my patience is wearing thin a lot faster than normal but i think its just because i’m noticing things are a little bit different and I’m getting a little nervous about it. Poor LB is definitely getting the brunt of it, as his little threenager strops have been getting to me.

Ive been stressing over the whole idea of being a mum to two, when sometimes you wonder how you cope with one. The logistics of how it will all work and am I really any good at this!


I’m definitely feeling more discomfort in my lower back now.
I  am getting more worried about getting PSD, especially as I’m so active and hyper mobile anyway, so i definitely need to keep an eye on it and mention it to my midwife when i see her-however thats not till 28 weeks. It was something I had early symptoms for last time and they kept monitored.

The bump is definitely getting in the way now and I’m noticing I’m getting out of breath when i walk up the stairs carrying something (or someone) or when i’m teaching a dance routine and trying to call out the steps as well.

Apart from that I’m feeling good. Starting to feel a little less tired As well which is fab,  but I think the sunshine helps me with that too.


Still not getting far with the names. We’ve now got a very small list of names that neither of us hate, but aren’t sure if we love them yet!

B got down a box of pregnancy bits from the loft at the weekend, meaning i now have my old maternity jeans and another top which is long enough to cover the bump-quite a few of my normal tops are starting to look like crop tops already.

This box also had a pregnancy book in it so i have started flicking back through that, though not reading it in as much detail as last time.

So the scan today put my mind at rest and has made me feel a lot happier. Now only another 20weeks to go!! We didn’t find out the sex as we want to keep it a complete surprise (I even looked away when she started measuring legs and bladder just in case I spotted anything).

B unfortunately couldn’t come with me today as he had to be at work, so I was grateful for a lovely Sonographer who put a big smile on my face knowing that our little plum is growing strong and healthy!

The sun is shining and today is a good day!! 

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